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The State of UTAH is about to become “Forever Mighty” for generations to come, after signing a sustainability partnership with Germany-based tour operator America Unlimited and the Utah-based nonprofit TreeUtah.

The Utah Office of Tourism announced, during a press conference held at IPW 2022, in Orlando, Florinda, that has partnered with Germany-based tour operator America Unlimited and the Utah-based nonprofit TreeUtah for a sustainability partnership.

The comprehensive international marketing campaign protects the state’s outdoor experiences

through visitor education and strategic industry partnerships, all while giving back to Utah’s environment.

Built on Tree Utah’s proven success in improving Utah’s quality for the present and future by enhancing the environment through tree planting, education, and stewardship, The Utah Office of Tourism will work with the nonprofit to identify areas of the state that are in need of conservation, then will work to build itineraries and resources for tour operators so travelers to the state can participate in conservation through tree planting.

This partnership further supports Utah’s partnership with Leave no Trace, Utah’s community-led destination development planning resources, and the state’s Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) membership.

Empowering international visitors to participate in community-led sustainability initiatives creates a proactive method to minimize the impacts of travel and recreation in Utah and give back to the community. When booking their trip, travelers can be assured that Utah is doing what it can to keep the state “Forever Mighty,” meant to be enjoyed for generations to come.

Since early humans first explored Utah, it’s been seen as a place with natural beauty that must be preserved. With over 44 state parks and five national parks spanning almost 1-million acres, more dark sky-designated parks than anywhere else in the world, countless historic sites, and areas of geological and archaeological significance, there’s no wonder that preservation of nature and cultural heritage are top of mind for the state’s residents.

Local chef Tamara Stanger from The Lakehouse at Deer Creek, who has appeared on The Food Network, is celebrating Utah’s rich heritage by coining the term “Utah Heritage Cuisine.”

Using local agricultural ingredients and preparation techniques from Native peoples and Utah pioneers, Stanger weaves a history of the state of Utah into guests’ culinary experiences, telling the stories of people who came before her by honoring how they lived.

Highly renowned as a chef who honors foraging for food and local dishes, Stanger regularly incorporates both traditional Utah pioneer food and Native American preparation techniques, crafting a menu that is genuinely Utahn. Duckfat frybread scones introduce visitors to the Utah version of the European pastry, which resembles a sopapilla more than a bread baked on a sheet. Nixtamalized squash introduces diners to an ancient preparation technique that locks in nutrients and flavor in squash, a technique passed down by the people who originally inhabited Utah’s lands.

As more chefs flock to Utah for its quality of life, dining in the state is sure to see a surge inactivity, drawing visitors to come and experience locally produced food at its finest, grown and prepared with breathtaking views—from scenic red buttes to rolling mountain hills—in the background.

Looking toward an increase in travel demand to Utah, the Salt Lake City International Airport underwent extensive expansions, welcoming The New SLC airport in 2020. With the increase to the airport’s capacity, new flights are coming online bringing residents and visitors to/from their homes to Utah.

Lufthansa subsidiary Eurowings Discover recently launched its new nonstop service from Frankfurt, Germany to Salt Lake City on May 23, 2022. The service operates three times weekly (M/W/F) on a 270-283-seat Airbus A330 aircraft. Spirit Airlines is the first domestic carrier to bring its operations to Utah following the unveiling of The New SLC, launching service on May 26, 2022, twice daily from Las Vegas, and daily from both Los Angeles and Orlando. In addition, Air Canada landed in Utah for the first time in 5 years on June 2, 2022 as it began year-round, non-stop service from Toronto, Canada to Salt Lake City flying three times a week (Th/Sa/Su) on a 137-seat Airbus A220.

Utah Office of Tourism works to elevate life in Utah and keep the state’s resources protected by managing visitation statewide, providing county DMO partners with destination development management strategies that are tailored to fit a community and its needs. The state also works to elevate life in Utah by curating messages that inspire responsible visitation, supporting local businesses, and building the economy.

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