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Where to stay in Versailles? The Palace, beautifully transformed and expanded by Louis XIV three centuries ago, is one of the top visited attractions for the tourists that arrive in France. The Chateau de Versailles, UNESCO’s World Heritage for over 30 years, which you can reach by train in only 20 minutes from Paris, is a remarkable 18th-century French piece of art. Here is where to stay in Versailles, in case you plan to stop there for a few days and skip the daily train routes from Paris.


The Chateau de Versailles has been UNESCO’s World Heritage for over 30 years

You either have the option to check-in a great hotel located in the heart of Paris and take a 20 minute train ride, or just choose one of the beautiful hotels situated right near Versailles Palace.

This way you can all day long enjoy the marvelous 18th-century French art achievements without the pressure of catching the return train and getting back in Paris in due time.

Where to stay in Versailles? Here are some great options.

Trianon Palace Hotel Spa


Trianon Palace Hotel Spa is located right near the Palace of Versailles

The 4 star hotel is located right near the Palace of Versailles. You can book a beautiful room (with fireplace and balcony) in the Historical building or in the modern Pavilion one.

You can enjoy dinner at Gordon Ramsay au Trianon restaurant, have a beer in the hotel’s Brasserie, relax in one Guerlain awarded spa center and swim in one indoor pool with warm water.


The terrace view towards the Palace is marvelous


Fireplace and classical interiors

Trianon-Palace-Hotel-Versailles-2 Trianon-Palace-Hotel-Versailles-5


Large indoor pool with warm water


You can relax in the Guerlain awarded spa center

Trianon-Palace-Hotel-Versailles-8 Trianon-Palace-Hotel-Versailles-9 Trianon-Palace-Hotel-Versailles-10

Price range: 450 euro – 1000 euro/night
Book HERE.


Novotel Chateau de Versailles

Novotel-Chateau-de-Versailles-1 Novotel-Chateau-de-Versailles-2 TRIPLE ROOM

In case you want a modern look hotel, like the ones you used to anywhere else in the world, you have the option of Novotel Chateau de Versailles.

It is located at a 10 minute walk from the Palace, and the room price starts from 100 euro to 250 euro per night.

Book HERE.


Pullman Chateau de Versailles

Pullman-Chateau-de-Versailles-4 Pullman-Chateau-de-Versailles-3

5 minutes walk away from the Palace gates, Pullman Chateau de Versailles is a mixture of old style details with modern facilities.

Some customers complained that some rooms looked dated and needed to be refurbished, but, let’s face it, the view you get from the balcony is worth all the money.

Pullman-Chateau-de-Versailles-2 Pullman-Chateau-de-Versailles-1

Price range: from 200 euro to 400 euro.

Book HERE:


Hotel Le Versailles


It is placed right in the center of the town, 1 minute walk away from the Palace. The lobby looks great, the rooms are spacey, though nothing spectacular in terms of furniture and decoration. The price range is acceptable: from 170 euro to 200 euro.

Hotel-Le-Versailles-5 Hotel-Le-Versailles-3

Book HERE.

There are no 5 star hotels in Versailles, but no reason to complain about. That is, of course, in case you only plan to visit the main attractions and enjoy history and culture, rather than having a luxurious blast.


What to do in Versailles

1. Of course, visit The Palace (The Chateau de Versailles), the creation of Louis XIV, which its marvelous: The Hall of Mirrors, the King’s Grand Apartments, the Museum of the History of France.


One of King’s Grand Apartments


The famous Hall of Mirrors


One of the many mind-blowing interiors


2. Enjoy one unforgettable afternoon by walking in the mesmerizing gardens, from the Water Parterre towards the horizon, gardener André Le Nôtre’ work of art, which took 40 years to complete. Admire the flower beds, the Orangerie, the fountains and the Canal


The mesmerizing gardens of Versailles, from the Water Parterre towards the horizon

palace-of-versailles-gardens Palace-of-Versaille-gardens

3. Visit the Grand Trianon, the hamlet on the outskirts of Versailles which the architect Louis Le Vau transformed it into a porcelain pavilion in the second half of the 17th Century. It was latter transformed by the architect Jules Hardouin Mansart into a Marble Trianon, using red marble of Languedoc. It became the house of many leders, including Napoleon, set up of Marie d’Orleans wedding, and, in 1920, the host of the Treaty of Trianon sign negociations.


The Grand Trianon is made of red marble of Languedoc


Inside the Grand Trianon

4. Enter the Cathedral of Versailles, a beautiful Roman catholic cathedral, momument of France.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA cathedral-versailles-interior

5. Visit the Musee Lambinet. Check out the collections on the Versailles history: paintings, furniture, ceramics, sculptures or historic plans of the town.


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