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In July, it’s time for some serious action. Head to Serengeti, in Tanzania, to see the Great Migration in full flow, check out the largest grizzly bears in existence at the remote wilderness of Katmai National Park, Alaska or admire the whales in Madagascar.


This July, the Great Migration is in full flow in Serengeti, Tanzania.


If you want dramatic river crossings with the Great Migration in full flow then head to the western Serengeti in Tanzania. Sightings can never be guaranteed as the migration itself is an ever-evolving beast, following the rains and fluctuating each year based around the ever changing weather patterns.

great migration tanzania




The Western corridor of the Serengeti however will maximise your chances as the herds start their move northwards towards the fresh grasses of the northern savannah and then on into the southern plains of the Masai Mara in Kenya, crossing the indomitable Grumeti River along the way. Some of the best camps to be based at around this time include Grumeti River Camp or even some of the super luxurious Singita Camps based in the Grumeti Reserves.


Looking for something different and big and hairy – check out the largest grizzly bears in existence at the remote wilderness of Katmai National Park, Alaska. Based aboard the 6 berth grizzly cruiser, you coast the shorelines looking for the action.

grizli alaska

Mating season for grizzly bears in Alaska this July.

grizli bears alaska

During the month of July there is no end of action with the grizzlies mating, and then once the mating is over, mothers appearing with their newborn cubs. As I am sure you can imagine, grizzlies mating involves a fair amount of noise and some pretty intense face offs between the males – perfect for photographers looking for some excitement! Mothers with their newborn cubs generally appear from July through to September and this is enough to make the hardest wildlife enthusiasts melt as these cuddly balls of fur wobble their way along in their mothers footsteps.


For those Marine lovers of you, July is the start of the whale season in Madagascar. A stunning migration as between July and September a number of humpbacks make their way past the Madagascan shoreline often with their calfs in tow.

whale season madagascar

July is the start of the whale season in Madagascar.

whale season madagascar 4

whale season madagascar 2

There is no better place to base yourself than the pristine beach relaxation of Ile Sainte Marie and the luxury of Princesse Bora Lodge. From here you can set out with the Megapetra whale research teams and be amongst the action as they collect valuable research data from the individual whales as they pass you by. If you are looking for somewhere a bit more adventurous, then head to the pristine rainforest of Masoala Peninsular where you can stay at Masoala Tented Camp which provides perfect access to the coastline and the migrating whales.

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