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W Hotels Worldwide announced a new partnership with global music artist and entrepreneur will.i.am and The Coca-Cola Company to shake up the hotel industry, one guest room at a time. Together, they are bringing the EKOCYCLE™ brand to W Hotel rooms around the world, changing sheets and changing minds.



W Hotels will start introducing in their rooms EKOCYLCLE, branded sheets, which are made in part with rPET (polyester partially made using recycled plastic)

W Hotels will soon begin re-making their beds with new EKOCYCLE™ branded sheets, which are made in part with rPET (polyester partially made using recycled plastic). Rolling out into W Hotels in North America first with global properties to follow, each king size sheet set utilizes approximately 31 recycled 20 oz. plastic bottles – which equates to more than 268,000 plastic bottles across all W Hotel beds in North America.

w new orleans

The W Hotel from New Orleans will be from the first to cover the beds with EKOCYCLE sheets.

The result is bedding that is as luxurious as it is environmentally conscious, ensuring that guests continue to have the same incredibly comfortable sleep they have come to expect from a night in a W Hotel bed. Guests can rest assured that they won’t feel a difference, as the more sustainable sheets are made using the same high quality process as the W brand’s current bedding, with the only difference being the use of recycled polyester instead of new polyester.



“I am very excited to bring the EKOCYCLE™ movement to W Hotel guests around the world,” said will.i.am. “When it comes to finding partners for the EKOCYCLE™ initiative, Coca-Cola and I want to work with those who understand our message: that being more sustainable can be stylish. The new EKOCYCLE™ sheets and chargers that will now be at W are further proof that we can transform so much of the way we live through more sustainable, recycled materials.”

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