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The Peninsula Bangkok is proud to announce the opening of Thiptara Craft Market, a riverside handicraft, gourmet food and art market located in the transformed Thiptara restaurant building and terrace. The new market will be open on the final Saturday of each month, from 9.00am to 3.00pm.

the peninsula bangkok thiptara market

The new Thiptara Craft Market will be open on the final Saturday of each month, from 9.00am to 3.00pm.

Styled to resemble a rural Thai village, the new Thiptara Craft Market forms part of The Peninsula Bangkok’s commitment to provide unparalleled luxury combined with sophisticated Thai charm for the ultimate cultural experience. The new weekend market will also strengthen the hotel’s engagement with the local community in the Thai capital.

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Thiptara Craft Market

Among the diverse range of high-quality Thai-inspired products being presented are traditional handicrafts, decorations and home accessories. Highlights include hand-woven scarves featuring distinctive motifs made by weavers in northern Thailand, naturally dyed cotton clothes with custom embroidery patterns, and handcrafted teak spoons, forks, chopsticks, plates and cutting boards. Fresh organic produce will also be available, plus a selection of healthy and nutritious dishes and drinks.

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Thiptara Craft Market

Each stall at Thiptara Craft Market occupies a traditional Thai wooden house featuring a triangular roof and wood-panelled floors. Shoppers will enjoy a fresh range of stores each month, and all of the market vendors have been carefully selected according to stringent environmental and community sustainability criteria.

While browsing the market stalls, hotel guests and local residents will be serenaded by a local band, all of whose members are certified as blind. Their inspiring music and life stories prove that physical challenges are no limit to the ability to perform and entertain.

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