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No matter your Paris fantasy, there’s a hotel in the City of Light that can bring it to life. What’s more, some Parisian grandes dames have been recently refreshed and renovated, giving travelers yet another reason to check in—or at least to stop by the lobby bar for a glass of Bordeaux.


The Chess Hotel

Book your next stay at one of these hotels—they’re the best new hotels in Paris.


Only those in the know will experience the luxury of the Maison Souquet, hidden behind an understated façade signaled by two red lanterns. The bawdy, wanton legend of the City of Light was forged in the area around Montmartre, a legend of which the Maison Souquet now forms part.

Maison Souquet9

Maison Souquet 6

In a building that served as a pleasure house during the Belle Époque, one of the most lavish and licentious pages in the history of Paris has been brought to life. Jacques Garcia has applied his talent to recreating the mystery, elegance, exoticism, sensuality, and ostentatious luxury of these establishments with their own architectural mores. With the Maison Souquet, he has created an unaffected combination of Arabian style and Napoleon III plush in an eclectic collection of furniture, artwork, and paintings whose authenticity infuses the spirit of the place, magical and enchanting.

Maison Souquet 12

Carried away from the city on the whimsy of the decor, the mind is free to pursue pleasure amid a fantasy setting conjured through artwork, sofas, causeuses, and divans. Perfectly at home, guests see their room open out onto a plush setting where life revolves around the ritual of tea-time, play, and rendezvous before and after dinner.

Maison Souquet10

A temple to hedonism, the Maison Souquet is home to 20 rooms, including six suites with unique interiors.

Rates for a De Luxe Room start from EUR 300 per night.


This is an outstanding new hotel, superbly placed in the heart of one of Paris’s most sophisticated neighborhoods. Housed within the former France Telecom building from the 1930s and masterfully restored by acclaimed designer Jean-Phillipe Nuel, Le Cinq Codet offers vast spaces, a feeling of cosy simplicity and 67 bedrooms evoke a unique and artistic loft experience.

Le 5 Codet 8

le 5 codet 2

Le Cinq Codet 8

With an outstanding collection of art work, luxurious amenities, contemporary elegance, signature floor to ceiling bay windows and up to date in-room technology, Le Cinq Codet is the ideal setting for an unforgettable getaway experience.

Le Cinq Codet9

Rooms start from EUR 289 per night.


Now a gorgeously revamped 39-room hotel, this building began life in 1885 as Les Bains Guerbois, a public bathhouse with a steam room and restaurant where le tout Paris, including Marcel Proust, would dine. In the late 1970s and 80s, the venue was reborn as the Starck-designed Les Bains Douches, a nightclub stuffed to the rafters with models and stars such as Warhol, Bowie and Prince. When it was forced to close in 2010, film director Jean-Pierre Maurois came to its rescue, armed with a team of artists, designers and architects.

Hotel Les Bains Paris 4

The Hotel Les Bains offers 39 spacious rooms and suites, each with a subtly different and unique personality. The decoration of the rooms and suites uses carefully selected materials including white marble and precious woods, as well as custom-fine furniture, designed in tribute to our distinguished guests, including a Gainsbourienne carpet and a replica sofa which is distinctly Warhol-esque.

Hotel Les Bains Paris 1

Between the pockets of Joy Division vinyl, the mermaids of Les Bains who lended their good cheer to the “do not disturb” sign; and a beauty box concocted with care, the rooms and suites of Les Bains transcend style. In other words, Les Bains are truly unique.

Hotel Les Bains Paris 2

Rates start from EUR 392 per night for a Classic Room.


More than just a place to stay, the Chess Hotel is a place of life. It is distinguished from other hotels in the capital by a generous hospitality and high quality of service. The hotel is situated minutes from the city’s thrumming Opera district, but its discreet address on Rue du Helder is part of the initial attraction. Having started life as a fort, the quiet street has been immortalized in the writings of both Balzac and Dumas. Now the street is a quiet haven from the crowds thronging the Opera and nearby Galeries Lafayette.



The interior design of the Chess Hotel is the result of a team of interior designers, Gilles and Boissier, who have lent their expertise to NYC Baccarat hotel, and who were once mentored by the renowned interior designers Philippe Starck and Christian Liaigre.  She excels in the art of harmonising all the various elements. He has a knack for placing the spotlight on the most delightful characteristics of wood. She emphasises fluidity and emotion. He favours the rigour of lines. These contradictions merge to produce a style that is unique to this superb interior design team.

The Chess Hotel offers a distinct and original colour scheme. It changes subtly from one element to another and forms the setting for furniture of exceptional design quality. The furniture designs originating from the Gilles and Boissier collection naturally occupy a prominent place. Within the guestrooms can be found some of their most inspired creations; suspensions, chairs … and even four-poster beds in some of the Deluxe accommodation.


The Chess Hotel 121

The excellence of the hotel staff demonstrates the high standards. Whether you are looking for recommendations to help you make the most of your time in Paris or are simply seeking rest and tranquillity, this is the ideal place to do so. Here you can enjoy personalised hospitality and the professionalism and constant availability of a capable and caring team.

All rooms at the Chess Hotel are air conditioned. They also feature a flat-screen TV with access to numerous French and international channels, and have USB and HDMI. Each room also boasts a minibar and a sizeable safe, free Wi-Fi and a private bathroom with heated towel rail radiator, hairdryer and welcome products. Travellers looking for comfort will find bathrobes and soft slippers awaiting in all rooms…

The price for Superior Rooms starts from EUR 162.


Inspired by a lifetime of friendship, Romée de Goriainoff, Pierre-Charles Cros and Olivier Bon have spent the better part of the last decade dedicated to hospitality in cocktail bars, wine bars and restaurants, seeking to create a new kind of locale, one that is rich, cultivated, comfortable, and casual.

Grand Pigalle Hotel Paris 4

Opening onto the villas of the avenue Frochot, the private estate where Toulouse-Lautrec once lived, the 37 rooms of the Grand Pigalle Hotel choose liveliness over nostalgia. It is the neighbourhood’s contemporary history that is referenced in the interior design of Dorothée Meilichzon (CHZON).

Grand Pigalle Hotel 4

Cosmopolitan par excellence, the Grand Pigalle Hotel is above all, a Parisian address. The ground floor, a space for reception and the wine bar, transforms throughout the day to capture the moods of the city: its desires and incomparable energy – its hedonism like no other. Here, the spirit of “Bed & Beverage” reigns.

Grand Pigalle Hotel Paris 8


The Grand Pigalle Hotel is an open book for cultivated travellers, those who know that the elegance of a sojourn is as much about respect for a cosmopolitan savoir-vivre as it is for the discovery of strong local cultures. For such travellers this is the right place, as the culture of Pigalle is unique to the world.

Rates start from EUR 126 per night. 

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