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The future of wellness has descended on the hills of Alicante, Spain. Sha Wellness Clinic, a luxury resort frequented by top athletes and high-powered executives, has launched a pair of noninvasive treatments to condition our most important, yet oft neglected, body part: the brain.

Dr. Bruno Ribeiro is the neuroscientist behind the program, which aims to treat everything from anxiety to sleeplessness by accelerating the “cellular activity” in that old dome of yours.

Here’s how it works: After an assessment, Ribeiro mandates one of two cutting-edge treatments. The first, Brain Photobiomodulation, leans on new technology from NASA, with a soft, state-of-the-art helmet that sends varying infrared-light wavelengths to dormant parts of the brain to improve memory and concentration as well as physical endurance and coordination.

The second, Transcranial Direct Current Stimulation (used by Harvard Medical School) is where it gets really interesting. The treatment—developed to tackle chronic pain, sleep disorders, and even addiction—uses a wireless Bluetooth helmet to apply soft currents directly to the affected quadrants of the brain to either increase or decrease positive or negative neural activity. Think of it as a sports massage for your noggin, improving function, relieving tension, and preparing you for your next big performance—whatever it may be.

Read more about these cutting edge health programmes that Sha Wellness Luxury Resort is offering… HERE.

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