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Step into the magnificent 18th century Cairo, with all its grandeur etched on the walls of Zitouni restaurant at Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza.


With interior décor inspired by Fatimid Cairo, intricate calligraphic designs overlapping on the walls, highlighted by large windows overlooking the colorful hues of the sunset, and an endless panoramic view of the Nile and Cairo’s skyline to watch all through the night – everything about Zitouni at The Four Seasons Hotel Cairo creates a local Egyptian ambiance found nowhere else.


Whether you opt to feast on the lavish buffet that orchestrates dishes from every corner in Egypt, or decide to make a specific order a-la-carte; you’re bound to have a culinary experience that will take you all over Egypt and back in one night.

Start off with some cooked-to-perfection homemade authentic Mezzas. Freshly made eggplant “Mousaka” drizzled with ripe tomato sauce, Chicken liver seasoned with a touch of garlic, and the traditional crisp “Baladi Salad” to name a few – will get your senses warmed up and your cravings entertained. All the local favorites of Egyptian cuisine, served at world-class standards of Four Seasons.



The large selection of main dishes includes “Hawawshi” made out of locally-baked bread and fine, grilled meat, topped off with a seasoning recipe that has been handed down for generations, “Molokheya” that has been infused with the soft notes of garlic and parsley, Fattah with lamb chops only for the finest of palates, stuffed vine leaves cooked-to-perfection – and the greatest of all – a Thursday seafood brunch that boasts all what the Red Sea and the Mediterranean have to offer.

Zitouni restaurant gives Egyptian dining the grandeur it deserves, right at the heart of the city that never sleeps.

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