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Inspired by the vision to provide in-house guests with a range of leisure treatments that are therapeutically based, Kayumanis Spa offers concise body and beauty rituals. Currently the menu is composed of only a few principle treatments, but it will continue to evolve as different techniques focused on healing and overall wellness are sourced.

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Drawing inspiration from the precious bounty of the sea, Ocean Ritual is a rejuvenating treatment that is available only at SPA Kayumanis Nusa Dua. It is performed to address the harsh effects of living in today’s fast paced world by helping to banish tiredness.

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The entrance at Kayumanis Nusa Dua Spa.

First the feet are gently scrubbed with a mixture of pure white sand and sea breeze oil before being rinsed in flower infused water. Then it is time to take pleasure in either a relaxing massage or energy massage to ease muscular tension. An application of a seaweed body scrub works wonders on all skin types and finally a leisurely soak in a rose petal bath clears the mind. Ocean Ritual is priced at just US$ 135++ per person for two hours of pure bliss.

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Kayumanis Nusa Dua is a serene setting of quiet sophistication and understated elegance. Each villa offers unrivalled space, exceptional comfort, and complete privacy within secluded walled gardens.

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Kayumanis is the perfect venue for those who may seek a more adventurous discovery of Bali by day, and yet, demand the utmost serenity and privacy by night.

What sets Kayumanis Spa apart from other spa facilities is the emphasis placed upon creating invigorating Balinese wellness experiences through ambient spaces and purposely designed treatments. All spa aromatic oils and ingredients are naturally based to nourish the skin and enliven the senses. It is a local belief that inner and outer beauty must be balanced to attain good health, and Kayumanis Spa assists guests realize this equilibrium.

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