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An integral part of Thai history and heritage for centuries, Muay Thai (kickboxing) originated as the most effective method of self-defense used by Thai warriors. Considered Thailand’s national sport and receiving worldwide acclaim, watching a live Muay Thai fight is often on top of the to-do list when in Thailand. And while Bangkok is at the heart, Koh Samui brings an island fervour to this kickboxing tradition.

At Four Seasons Resort Koh Samui, the Muay Thai Adventure is a full-day immersion in the “Art of Eight Limbs,” starting with a private lesson with the Resort’s in-house Muay Thai pro and former fighter Anuphong Deesamer, fondly known as Kru (master) Aan. Here, guests learn the basic moves and techniques of the traditional Thai sport or refine existing skills.

“Any form of martial art is a great teacher. You learn patience, endurance, respect for your opponent, and strangely enough, it calms you down!” explains Aan, who started training at 19 years of age, and became a Muay Thai Champion ranked #10 in Britain by the age of 26. “I think I was born to fight!” Aan’s private lessons are fun and educative, as he eggs guests on to punch harder and block faster. “It’s an incredible work-out for the mind and body,” he asserts.

A much-needed Muay Thai Recovery at The Secret Garden Spa follows, where Thai herbal steam balls filled with home-grown ingredients such as ginger, lemongrass and makrut lime are used to soothe the muscles. The full body massage with black pepper, clove and ylang-ylang essential oils is the perfect complement for this rejuvenating experience. The highlight of the evening is catching a ring-side Muay Thai fight with VIP seats at the stadium, with Aan playing perfect host and guiding guests through the nuances of this special martial art.

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