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Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam launches new signature Wellbeing Experience: Mindfulness in the Garden, developed in collaboration with Headspace, one of the world’s leading meditation apps

In our busy lives, dominated by a permanent stream of stimuli, the possibility to escape for a moment is a luxury in itself. Research shows that people in higher income categories spend time, money and energy on their well-being and mindfulness and Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam has launched a partnership with Headspace to provide guests with opportunities for meditation and mindfulness in a modern way.

Appropriate environment
Waldorf Astoria Amsterdam offers its Hilton Honors Gold and Diamond members to undergo the signature mindfulness session in an appropriate environment, the beautiful private Tea House in the historic garden; the largest private garden in Amsterdam. With unique delicacies, guests can bask in an extraordinary experience of well-being with the Headspace app.

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