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It’s a fashion alarm for all the fashionistas out there! Vogue Lounge Bangkok has just launched a limited-edition notebook by Moleskine with cover band images selected from Vogue Library. Don’t waste any more time and buy your favorite!



The limited-edition notebooks are available to purchase for 980THB net.

Writing has never been more fashionable. Vogue Lounge Bangkok pleases the ladies with a limited-edition notebook by Moleskine with covers selected from Vogue Library. It’s now available to purchase at VOGUE Lounge for 980THB net.

VOGUE Lounge Terrace

The luxury designers of David Collins Studio transformed a dull space of an office building into a cool venue.

Vogue Lounge Bangkok is the fourth international outlet for the brand after Moscow, Dubai and Kiev, and it offers the highest quality food, drinks and music.

The menu has been fashioned by Chef Vincent Thierry, a 3-Michelin star chef, while the space has been designed by leading luxury designers of David Collins Studio. The Lounge is located on the top floor of the MahaNakhon CUBE, a brand new lifestyle. The menu offers a bold set of cocktails, an exhaustive wine-list and an elaborate selection of cigars.

Vogue Lounge Bangkok is situated on the 6th floor of the MahaNakhon CUBE, Adjacent to the Chongnonsi BTS station, Book your reservation at

Terrace in NYE 2014

Vogue Lounge Bangkok is said to provide the very best in cuisine, cocktails and music.

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