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Inspired by Burning Man, Habitas launches a new travel experience, Caravan by Habitas, for travelers seeking adventure, exploration and bringing out your inner child in raw nature.

Habitas, the rapidly growing global eco-hospitality group redefining the concept of traditional luxury, announces its newest travel experience alongside its latest “home” in the AlUla region in the Northwest of Saudi Arabia.

Launching March 2022, Habitaswill introduce Caravan by Habitas – its first immersive glamping experience for people seeking adventure, surprise and human connection. The ethos behind the Caravan is to create human connection through play and bringing out the inner child in guests. Known for its experience-led hospitality and environmentally conscious designs (the brand’s unique construction methodology allows it to build in an efficient manner with minimal environmental impact), Caravan AlUla will use airstreams to further demonstrate Habitas’ sustainable ethos and access unique locations.

The 22 Caravan rooms are chic airstreams, offering a variety of scenic views, that are equipped with a private outdoor deck, air conditioning and wifi, a queen sized bed (or 2 single beds), an indoor lounge, a kitchenette stocked with snacks and a private shower and bathroom. The Caravan rooms also feature a variety of hidden details such as coloring books, disco lights and a sound system, curated books, theraguns and scalp massagers, that exist for no greater reason than to ensure you have fun and stop taking life too seriously.

Caravan AlUla’s gathering spaces take influence from ancient Bedouins who traveled the land and incense routes. At the center of the U-shaped formation of the airstreams is the Gathering Tent, a communal place for guests to come together, explore, play and connect. Inspired by living spaces in traditional Saudi homes, the interiors are ornamented with colorful antiques and heritage crafts from Saudi Arabia. The space is full of old games, books, toys, shisha, tea, and other surprises to discover. At night a large fire pit with circular seating invites guests to sit under the star flooded sky.

True to Habitas’ six programming pillars – music, wellness, adventure, culture, learning, and culinary – the experience will feature cultural discourse, performances, interactive art installations, and an immersive adventure programming which includes Canyon Crossing, Desert Trekking, Arabian Horse Treks, Stargazing and Desert Survival Skills. The Guests of the Caravan will be able to enjoy amenities consisting of an agora- a central gathering space, a library, a games room, a fire pit, the yoga deck, etc at a more affordable rate to the main resort at Habitas AlUla and dining amenities consisting of three playfully decorated food trucks and a food court.

The food trucks – which are accompanied by a family-style dining area with communal tables and cushioned seating – include a pink, holographic ice cream truck which will drive around and give free homemade ice cream to kids, a mirrored pizza truck with vintage signs and a locally-inspired coffee and juice truck.

In addition guests can experience an outdoor cinema, with movies projected onto the rocks and fresh made popcorn, a desert inspired jungle gym, and a teddy bear tent. Guests move around the resort by off-road electric bikes.

This travel experience also highlights an extensive wellness program on site with access to services and amenities at Thuraya Wellness located at the Habitas AlUla property, a 3-5 minute drive from the caravans. Guests will have access to all Habitas AlUla facilities including Thuraya Wellness’ spa menu and programming schedule which begins with Daily Morning Yoga and is followed by rituals and activities like the Bedouin Sound Sensorama, the Desert Clay Circle ceremony, essence-making, and closes with Candlelit Stargazing Yoga.

Targeted towards millennials or “experience seekers with a pioneering spirit,” Caravan AlUla aims to provide its travelers adventure without boundaries, connecting like-minded explorers on a non-traditional, unforgettable journey.

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