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Six Senses Spa Nha Trang located at Evason Ana Mandara in Vietnam is delighted to announce an exciting new addition to its health and well-being offering, Aerial Yoga. It brings together stretching, breathing and meditation with gymnastics and aerial arts.

Aerial yoga at Six Senses Spa Nha Trang (Evason Ana Mandara) uses a hammock, made of a soft and supple parachute-silk fabric, which is suspended from above and used to support the body weight during a sequence of postures. It shares the mind-body connection principles of the traditional yoga practice, while the weightlessness helps remove compression from the spine and opens up joints, leading to stress and tension release.

Additional benefits include muscle strengthening and lengthening, low impact cardiovascular conditioning, increased mobility, deeper body awareness and self-esteem. In addition, it adds an entirely new dimension to each individual’s yoga practice and stimulates the release of happy hormones. The aerial yoga classes are conducted in one of our beachfront spa salas with great sea views.

“Aerial yoga is new, exciting, incredibly beneficial, and aligns perfectly with the Six Senses philosophy,” explains the resort’s Spa Manager Tran Thi Kim Ngan. “In our constant pursuit for youth, it’s a great way to have fun while working out – leaving you feeling both powerful and fabulous.” The cost for 50-minute session is USD 15 net per person and 90-minute session is USD 25 net per person.

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