Europe’s most impressive and innovative new spa just opened at Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa, Baden-Baden – the flagship property of the Oetker Collection. The new spa, housed in the historic Villa Stéphanie adjacent to the existing hotel, offers an integrated approach to health that reflects the hotel’s decades of experience and expertise in the spa and medical realm.

Over the last two years, Brenners has embarked on a project to create Europe’s most refined spa concept for the 21st century. Covering an area of 5000 square metres, an entire house has been dedicated to the world of spa. Villa Stéphanie expands over five floors and has a 500 sq metre sauna, plunge pool, private gym, hammam, and Ladies Sauna. There are also 15 inspiringly designed treatment rooms with private terraces overlooking the gardens and a salon.

The twelve double rooms and three impressive corner suites including personalized set-ups are designed for guests who wish to remain in this unique and timeless atmosphere for an even more intense spa experience. Villa Stéphanie also will be connected to ‘Haus Julius’, a 1700 sq metre property dedicated solely to Brenners Medical Care.

Overseen by Brenners Park Spa Manager Hans Peter Veit, Villa Stéphanie and Haus Julius together will offer a holistic approach to wellbeing and healthcare, which combines long-term expertise with customised programmes to provide the epitome of individually
tailored care.

Villa Stéphanie has been designed in an elegant and contemporary style, by Bergit Countess Douglas, who is also responsible for the continuous refurbishment of Brenners for over the past 25 years. The overall concept is to create a homely atmosphere in elegant surroundings. The Salon will feature an impressive library, complete with inspirational artworks on the walls, and as an ‘encore’ a beautiful private terrace facing the Brenner’s park.

Originally erected in 1890, Villa Stéphanie was created as a residence for royalty. It bears witness to a woman whose name still stands over the house like a guiding star: Stéphanie de Beauharnais, Duchess of Baden and adoptive daughter of Napoleon I. The history of this building is just one aspect of the 2000 year heritage of the spa town of Baden-Baden.

Known for centuries as ‘Europe’s summer capital’, this is where royalty came to take the waters for months at a time to ensure good health. Today, the town with excellent links to the transport network and situated at the gateway to the northern Black Forest, is also famous for its opera house, parks and gardens including the world famous ‘Lichtentaler Allee’ – where both Brenners-Park and Villa Stéphanie are located.


The new Brenners Spa offers a unique selection of world renowned and innovative brands, covering a great variety of products and treatments. The main partner is Sisley, the well established European brand that stands for innovation and superior quality based around the concept of phytocosmetics.

Phytocosmetics is the fine art of integrating natural plant extracts into cosmetic products and in this Sisley leads the way.

In addition Spa Manager has chosen the exclusive spa line products of family owned German company Anika Organic Luxury.

Special attention is given to the choice of herbs, flowers and oils as these make the Anika products particularly effective.

Also featured are medical products from SkinCeuticals, developed by world renowned dermatologist Dr. Sheldon Pinnell. Decades of research has enabled the company to develop highly concentrated antioxidants and formulas with pure active ingredients that have ideal and proven skin penetrating qualities.

Detox and Nutrition

The Brenners detox and nutritional experts has created a tailormade programme for each and every guest, combining nutrition, treatments and favorite sports activities with a results driven focus.

Continuing the excellent culinary heritage of Brenners Park, “Brenners Vitalizing Cuisine” has been crafted the experts and chefs. The idea is for healthy, balanced and tasty food - and if requested low-calorie, anti-allergy focused or detoxifying - using regional products of the highest quality.

Each client will meet a nutritional coach on the day of arrival for a consultation to analyse personal preferences, needs and medical requirements. As a result, ultra-individual menus will be created with
passion and knowledge by the Brenners chefs for each guest.

Detox of course does not just refer to food and drink. Villa Stéphanie is also dedicated to ‘digital detox’ given that the quality of a good night sleep is so important to recharge.

Guests will have the choice, at the press of a button from the bedside table to completely disconnect the entire room from electric grid and WiFi. Focusing on a significantly reduced electric smog environment triple-insulated shielded cables have been installed to ensure the guests complete relaxation.

Technically challenging, each wall had to be specifically equipped to avoid impact on neighbouring Wi-Fi networks.

Medical Expertise

‘Haus Julius’ is dedicated to offering holistic health in the most luxurious surroundings with a unique network of carefully selected medical experts all under one roof.

Connected to Villa Stéphanie, ‘Haus Julius’ offers the promise of a peerless medical experience with a variety of services from some of Germany’s top experts.

The 1700 sq metre Haus Julius focuses on specialist areas including GP, Dentistry, Dermatologic Aesthetics, Gynaecology, Physiotherapy and Preventative health check ups.

The medical partners will work closely with top national practices to assure after care and recuperation for those who seek to maintain optimal wellbeing.

Additionally offered is a unique physiotherapy concept in a new Physio Practice. With the promise to bestow an overall experience on guests’ needs, a private host with a strong medical and spa background will be allocated upon arrival to guests.

Comparable to a private home, the host will remain the one and only person of contact throughout a stay at Villa Stéphanie ensuring simplicity and continuity to the experience.

Emotional Balance

A healthy body needs a healthy mind and Villa Stéphanie offers the finest emotional wellbeing experiences with some of Europe’s best coaches and therapists for guests to regain strength, focus and mental health.

Pierre Clavreux is a Shiatsu Master and in 1992 created Kiyindo Shiatsu, a revolutionary massage treatment. Kiyindo Shiatsu translates as 'pain relief by touch' and focuses on manipulating the body's energy to relieve tension and sore joints.

It has proved particularly effective for people suffering with digestive problems, dorsal pain, sleeping issues and stress.

Henry Charlet, former 5 times European Kick-Box Champion and mental trainer performs his personal training sessions with an unbelievable aura of strength and poise. Guests can also enjoy a yoga session outside in the beautiful Brenners Park or the private atmosphere of their suite.

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