Nestled among the undulating Aravalli hills lies your perfect getaway. The Tree of Life Resort & Spa, Jaipur offers you relaxation coupled with style, beauty and unmatched service. The resort features 13 luxury villas set on seven serene acres of land. Built using local architectural style and design – with extensive use of sandstone and lime reflecting Rajasthan’s long architectural history – the Resort will transport you through centuries of tradition laced with a modern touch.


After spending over 5 hours in the chaos that describes the traffic on the  Indian National Highway between New Delhi and Jaipur (260 km), Tree of Life comes as an aloe-vera balm applied on one opened wound. Unlike any of the other five star hotels I have stayed at in India, Tree of Life Resort may feel strange at first. It’s not that opulent, it doesn’t offer 100 members of the staff  ready to carry your luggage the minute you arrive  and its reception is not the greatest thing you have ever seen. You may also dislike the uniforms of their personnel (which seem rather old-fashionesd) and the WI-FI connection doesn’t always work  properly. You will also feel that Tree of Life is too remote, that you will have to spend too many hours in the car until you will get to Jaipur to see the sights.

Forget about all these preconceptions. In the end, after a few days spent there, upon departure  you will feel just like Adam and Eve when they were chased out by God from the Garden of Eden. Tree of Life experience is a great one and I have returned with such great memories which will remain in my heart for the rest of my life. The villas are not luxuriant, but nevertheless, they are beautifully decorated, vast and they come with a great price/night (around EUR 140 per villa/night). Nowhere in the world can you find such a good price for a villa in a five star resort.

From the rooms you can easily step outdoors into your very own private garden, where there is a shower, a hot tube and even two massage beds. Even from the the shower of your bathroom you can open a door and step outside. The feeling of freedom is ultimate and you can even enjoy nude sunbathing in the privacy of your garden.

The infinity pool is simply amazing at dusk. Gazing how the huge fire ball is fading and disappearing behind the undulating Aravalli hills is definitely a treat for the senses. After a few days you will come also to love their friendly staff and their Chef. Every afternoon, the Chef comes to your villa with a menu from which you to choose, but you can order whatever you want and he will cook it for you. While in India, I fell in love with chicken curry and garlic naan and I would recommend this to anyone.

The most magical moments at the Tree of Life Resort take place early in the morning, when thousands of birds delight your senses with an amazing concert. On the very last day of my stay here, I woke up earlier than usual and I waited for the sun to rise on the beautiful terrace of the Spa. Sipping from a hot cup of ginger water, listening to the sound of thousand birds and  watching the first rays of sun rising on the sky I felt the kind of revelation that everybody expects to have when visiting India. I felt like dying and being reborn again, just as the people who are joining the Sadhu way of life are experiencing. As I was leaving, I also made a promise to myself that one day in my brand new life I shall return to this peaceful paradise.

The Villas

The resort offers 13 villas, each one named after an Indian flower - bearing tree. The vibrant interiors are in the colour of the flower of that villa - tree.

Natural stone has been used extensively on the floor and ceiling. Large windows allow for abundant natural light and a beautiful view of the surrounding hills. Particular attention has been paid to the minutest detail – be it the flower inlay on the floor, the intricate ‘thekri’ (mirror) work on the domes or the custom-made accessories.

The Luxury Garden and Spa Villas
There are 5 villas like this, spread over different levels across the Resort. These Villas have a separate Living Room, a domed Bed Room, a large closet with ample space for baggage and an equally large domed bathroom which looks onto greens on all sides. The Villa has private lawns in the front and at the back, an outdoor lip shower, a sunken tub and an outdoor couples spa. Each Villa offers private space of over 2,200 sq.ft.

The Luxury Pool and Spa Villas
Offering you the ultimate in space and privacy, each Villa comes with private space of over 2,600 sq.ft. The Villas have a separate Living Room, a domed Bed Room, a large closet with ample space for baggage and an equally large domed bathroom which looks onto greens on all sides. Along with private lawns, each Villa has a private pool with deck beds and garden umbrella. Adding to the feel of luxury is the outdoor lip shower with a sunken tub and an outdoor couples spa.

The Restaurant

The resort comes with only one restaurant, which is enough considering that Tree of Life Jaipur can accommodate in full season a maximum of 40 guests.

At this restaurant you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner, all served in a la carte manner. You can choose from Continental breakfast or different dishes of Indian breakfast, this is if you want to start your day with some spicy food.

We had wonderful dinners on the lawn in front of the restaurant. I recommend the Curry Chicken, served with black lentils, rice and a mix of vegetables.

Travel for Senses TIPS

SEE... the sunrise from the terrace of the Spa;

HEAR... the fabulous concert of the birds in the morning;

TASTE... the delicious Indian dishes prepared by the Chef and served in a unique manner;

TOUCH... you have massage beds in the garden of your own villa. Order a massage even during night time and you can relax watching the stars the on clear sky;

SMELL... the perfume of the flowers from your private garden at dawn;

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Complementary WI-FI for guests
A la carte Menu for dinner. The Chef comes to each villa in the afternoon so you can place orders for special dishes.
They serve each morning different types of Indian breakfast. Try each one of them and you won't regret it.