Located on a private island in Tahiti, the posthumous hotel from legendary actor Marlon Brando is now open. Once Brando’s home, this hotel is setting a new world standard and is a pioneering model of sustainable technology with seawater air-conditioning and renewable energies, without any sacrifice to luxury or comfort.

Designed to reflect the Polynesian lifestyles and culture, the all-inclusive resort features 35 deluxe villas, each with its own private beach area and plunge pool and offers carefree luxury in the midst of pristine nature. Exclusive and private, the access to The Brando is a 20-minute flight from Tahiti by Air Tetiaroa to Tetiaroa’s airdrome.

In the 1960’, Marlon Brando flew his plane low over the Pacific Ocean, scouting for locations for the movie Mutiny on the Bounty. Eventually, the film was shot on Tahiti and Moorea; but what Brando did find during his search was this amazing coral island.

For the 50 years old Brando, the island was his paradise escape (as it once was for the Tahitian royals before him). Besides his Hollywood entourage, his guests included ecologists and archaeologists. The building was a simple one, made of local wood: a village of 12 palm-thatched shacks on the islet of Onetahi.

Now, The Brando is first of all an Eco Hotel. Its management has  implemented a number of innovative programs and new technologies so as to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality.

Sea Water Air Conditioning (SWAC) harnesses the cold of the ocean depths to provide low-energy, highly efficient cooling for all the buildings, reducing energetic demands by almost 70%. Solar energy produced by photovoltaic solar panels along the airstrip provide for half of the resort’s remaining energy requirements ( demonstrating how to turn a typically unused space into a productive one) and the solar heating system supplies the entire amount of hot water used by the resort. A coconut oil (biofuel) power station provides the other half of the resort’s energy needs. Fueled by locally produced coconut oil, this renewable power source also supports the local economy. Flow-batteries for the storage of energy generated by solar power are made primarily of recyclable materials and have a service life of thousands of deep discharge cycles.

The Villas

The resort offers its guests 30 one bedroom villas (96-sq.-m), carefully designed to blend into and enhance the serenity of the surroundings.

You will feel as though indoors and outdoors have merged together. Larger families can book one of the fourth two bedroom villas (168-sq.-m) ;the resort also offers one three bedroom villa for rent.

Each villa at The Brando features a private deck, ocean views, floor-to-ceiling windows, and an infinity plunge pool.

The Restaurants

The award-winning cuisine of Guy Martin of the Michelin two star restaurant Le Grand Véfour in Paris is available in all dining venues and in-room dining.

The resort’s two restaurants showcase Polynesian-inspired dishes, East/West fusion and classic French cuisine. Les Mutinés is The Brando’s fine dining restaurant with a world-class wine cellar.

The Beachfront Café offers indoor and beach dining. The resort’s Te Manu Bar features lagoon views and private tree-top seating areas reachable by walkways through a palm canopy. Bob’s Bar is a laid-back setting on the beach.

The Spa

The Brando’s Varua Polynesian Spa specializes in the finest holistic treatments inspired by ancient Polynesian traditions combined with modern techniques.

The spa includes private massage and treatment villas, steam baths, a tea and relaxation lounge overlooking the pond, a yoga shelter and a special spa suite for couples, high up in the palm trees.

Travel for Senses TIPS

SEE… the coral garden on the bottom of the Ocean. Snorkeling is a one thing you must definitely try while staying at The Brando’s;

HEAR… the onsite research scientists speak with guests about their research and the species of birds and marine life found on the atoll;

TASTE… the Polynesian-inspired dishes created by the award winning Chef Guy Martin;

TOUCH… the Tahitian perls at The Brando’s luxury pearl shop;

SMELL… the natural flavored oils used in the finest holistic treatments at the Spa;

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The resort offers free WI-FI for the guests. Upload your Instagram account wh amazing photos while sipping a cocktail on the beach.
The Brando offers two shopping opportunities including a luxury pearl shop and a gift store. Hinerava is a luxury pearl shop featuring exclusive jewelry designs in collaboration with Frédéric Missir. Both Hinerava and Frédéric Missir are local artists who share a passion for rare Tahitian pearls and precious gems, and create unique and stunning designs.
All the fruits and vegetables used in the resort come from the organic garden.