It’s the rare oyster that divulges a pearl of uncommon style and beauty. Just as divers discovered these luminescent treasures off Qatar’s peninsula coast, guests of Sharq Village Spa Luxury Hotel Qatar will find the Doha beach hotel of exceptional grace and splendor.

As counterpoise to the glassy, ultramodern hotels rising along the Persian Gulf, visionaries in Doha hatched a novel idea: a luxury getaway evoking the lantern-lit pearling villages of Qatar’s 19th-century rulers. The result is the fetching Ritz Carlton Sharq Village & Spa – an ensemble of 14 crenellated, suite-filled beits (villas) built around inner courtyards and surrounded with gardens.

Guests are welcomed to a lobby where crystal-draped chandeliers hang from towering arched ceilings and Arabic music teases the senses with a contemporary touch. They are enticed by nine restaurants and lounges to experience both unique and traditional flavors, and to savor in the services of a spa that soothes with both traditional and holistic treatments.

The Rooms

Accommodations include 174 luxury rooms and suites housed in 14 villas in Doha, including the Royal Villa, appropriately named “Beit Al Shyoukh.

All the rooms are intoxicated with sensual details: rough-hewn stone walls stamped with Qatari motifs, blown-glass lamps, hand-woven rugs and miniature chests heaping with dates and dried fruits are accentuated with treasures once hauled in by pearl traders – brocades, velvets and silks draped across four-poster beds and dazzling custom-made furnishings that only emirs could afford. 

The Restaurants

The hotel indulges its guests with exceptional gourmet dining in nine exquisite restaurants offering some of the most imaginative culinary experiences in Doha.

Parisa, which means “an angel”, is the newest Persian cuisine restaurant in Doha and invites its diners to enjoy an exciting style of contemporary Persian delights at its finest.

The sea view restaurant at Sharq Village & Spa overlooking Doha Bay is the perfect setting for memorable dining experiences in an elegant, stylish ambience. The interior design with its purple and grey color scheme is complemented by an exclusive décor reflecting the Persian tradition.

The Cigar Lounge is perfect to enjoy a delicious light snack menu and a glass of bubbly in the afternoon, while the Al Dana is a signature restaurant offering a front-row seat to one of Doha’s most stunning beaches. 

The Spa

The award-winning Six Senses Spa features 23 treatment rooms and menus inspired by Far Eastern and Arabic spa techniques.

The Six Senses Spa is the largest of its kind in the region and its architecture replicates the ancient fishermen and pearl diver’s village that once inhabited the area.

The Hammam Ritual is a must-have spa experience which combines Moroccan Hammam with a full body massage. After the warm herbal steam, your body is washed with Moroccan black soap and exfoliated with the hammam mitt, leaving your skin silky smooth. Your journey continues with the oil-based body massage to release stress and tension, and completes with a glass of refreshing mint juice. 

Travel for Senses TIPS

SEE… the gold souk which consists of a block of small shops specializing in 18 and 22-carat gold jewelry in an high quality ambiance . The concierge will arrange a trip to the gold souk upon request;

HEAR… the stories of the ancient fishermen and pearl diver’s village who once inhabited the area;

TASTE… feast on mountains of Lebanese food, savor seafood while admiring the Gulf's aquamarine waters, dine under a private tent, draw on limited edition Sublimes in the swanky cigar lounge;

TOUCH… or let yourself be touched at the fabulous Six Senses Spa;

SMELL… the salty air in the morning;

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Complementary WI-FI is available for all the guests of the hotel
The hotels has Qatar’s only indoor souq featuring traditional Arabian trinkets and 12 upscale retail outlets.
Ideal for designers who drink in details, Sharq Village is also popular with honeymooners and revelers who celebrate in the $26,000/night Royal Suite (14 bedrooms, indoor pool, sauna, Rolls Royce Phantom included)