Perched on a cliff high above the azure waters of Italy’s famed Amalfi Coast, the Monastero Santa Rosa is a boutique luxury hotel unlike any other. This 17th century monastery has been carefully renovated and restored to reflect its storied place in history, without sacrificing modern luxury and opulence.


Monastero Santa Rosa is a luxury hotel on the Amalfi Coast which stands secluded near the quaint fishing village of Conca dei Marini. Centrally located, the hotel is just a 20-minute car or boat ride from the most scenic towns along this glamorous coastline—notably Positano, Amalfi and Ravello.

Not wanting to lose the monastery atmosphere entirely, the American Owner Bianca Sharma has maintained the austere external architecture, inner stone walls, dark arched hallways, and vaulted ceilings. Then, she added colorful antiques, striped loveseats, and art pieces to the halls, including yellow light fixtures and vintage photographs of the building before its nearly decade-long renovation.

The nuns in the original monastery were sequestered (not allowed to see people from the outside world), and you can still see the evidence of this in the hotel’s office where there’s a window grate that allowed the nuns to speak to the outsiders without being seen.

The Rooms

The boutique hotel has 20 rooms and suites, each named after an herb that the nuns would have used to make their own medicines from the Monastero Santa Rosa garden.

Every room offers mesmerizing sea view stretching from the Conca dei Marini’s fishing harbor below to Amalfi Coast and beyond.

During her travels through Italy, Bianca, the hotel owner, handpicked all the furniture for each individual suite. One-of-a-kind antiques accent the suites while historical black and white photographs taken before the renovation don the walls by evoking its spiritual past.

The Restaurants

Suspended over the Gulf of Salerno, the hotel’s restaurant terrace allows guests to dine alfresco while admiring one of the most exclusive views on the entire Amalfi Coast.

The culinary treats of Santa Rosa are as unique as the monastery itself. The distinguished Executive Chef Christoph Bob has created an innovative Mediterranean gastronomic experience for the most discerning palate by using the freshest ingredients from the surrounding Campania region.

Precision-perfect flavors focus on the bounty of the sea combine in his specialties like the appetizer trio of crustaceans—lobster with chickpea puree and smoked olive oil broad bean salad with Colonnata’s bacon and king prawn ravioli with Corbara’s tomatoes and candied lemon.

As a basis for his cooking, Chef Bob uses a 100% Italian special select olive oil produced especially for the Santa Rosa Monastero Hotel Kitchen. The Chef uses the finest quality pasta, the famed Pastificio dei Campi Gragnano, creating a shape that is unique for his Amalfi Coast restaurant. Pastificio dei Campi is by far the best production of pasta in Italy, bronze drawn, slowly dried, and prepared in a traditional way respecting the environment.

The Spa

Harmoniously blending the modern amenities of a decadent spa within the original rustic walls of a 17th-century monastery, a day at the spa will become a journey of discovery.

Featuring Santa Maria Novella products, the complete spa experience is not to be missed while staying at Monastero Santa Rosa.

The 70-square-meter Thermal Suite is a succession of intriguing historic monastic spaces interconnected by various warm rooms via arched openings.

The most exceptional treatment room is the private Spa Suite, a spa within a spa. The Spa Suite is a magnificent 80-square-meter soaring space with Rasul, steam room, double wet and dry treatment couches, manicure/pedicure relaxation lounges, and private dressing/grooming areas. The Spa Suite even has a private alfresco garden terrace cocooned under the shade of large umbrellas.

Travel for Senses TIPS

SEE… the Mediterranean from the hotel's infinity pool;

HEAR…the sound of  waves breaking on the rocks at sunrise;

TASTE…the finest quality pasta in Italy prepared by Christoph Bob, the Executive Chef of the hotel;

TOUCH…the inner stone walls and try to imagine this place in the 17th century;

SMELL…the fresh herbs that even now still grow in the garden of the former Monastery;

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Free WI-Fi for guests of the hotel
Breakfast is served in the comfort of your room on silver trays or outside on the terrace.
The exclusive Santa Maria Novella products are used at the hotel's spa.