One of the only hotels located in this ancient city’s walls, the Grand Hotel Continental boasts a picturesque cityscape and 51 rooms and suites, a testament to the artisans who crafted it featuring imaginative frescoes, Carrara marble and expansive limestone floors. Being in the heart of Tuscany, Siena is perfectly located to explore the Tuscan countryside and some of the best vineyards in all of Italy.

Siena’s exquisite Centro Storico is the medieval heart of this ancient city and a World Heritage site. It’s in this exclusive setting that guests discover a magnificent 17th century palazzo – Niquesa’s Grand Hotel Continental. The boutique hotel is no less than a paragon of fine Renaissance architecture, with opulent rooms boasting original frescoes, priceless artworks and precious antiquities. Built in the 17th century as an aristocratic residence, this Grand Palace, also known as Palazzo Gori Pannilini, was originally build as a wedding gift from Pope Alexander VII, a member of the powerful Chigi family to his niece Olimpia and her fiancée Giulio de’ Gori.

The Rooms

Each of the hotel's 51 rooms and suites is a masterpiece, designed for the tastes of the 17th century aristocracy and refined to meet the demands of the modern traveller.

From the beautiful classic rooms to the magnificence of the Royal Suite, the accommodation is unashamedly opulent. It stands as a testament to the talent of the artisans who crafted it.

The palazzo revels in its magnificence, from the imaginative frescoes that adorn the ceilings to the Carrara marble and expansive limestone floors, beautifully marked with the patina of 500 years of aristocratic footsteps.

The Restaurant

In its simplicity, Sienese food precisely captures the essential flavours and ingredients of Tuscany. Its style is entwined with the region’s history and geography owing much to the specialisms of local farming, typified by meats from native breeds and exceptional olive oil.

SaporDivino Restaurant is a testament to the art of Italian culinary prowess, where Chef Luca Ciaffarafà inspires you to taste, listen, recognise and appreciate his own brand of Tuscan mastery.

While he fiercely champions local produce, Luca’s interpretation of traditional Tuscan cuisine is very personal, presenting a vibrant menu that tells culinary stories about the region that are at once old and new.

As well as an enticing seasonally-inspired menu, the restaurant offers diners historic and sophisticated surroundings, and an enchanting inner courtyard with its distinctive glass cupola, makes SaporDivino a focal point for locals and guests alike.


The 17th century palazzo inspires romance and is no surprise. It was originally built as a wedding gift from Pope Alexander VII to his niece Olimpia and her fiancée Giulio de’ Gori, and the spirit of love and celebration is imbued in the very soul of the building and expressed in its elaborate interiors.

Trough the centuries, the famous walls of our ceremonial hall, the Salone delle Feste, has witnessed noble weddings, grand ceremonies and lavish banquets. Today, the hotel and the passionate event team, welcome you with open arms and promise you an unforgettable occasion. The hall perpetually captivates guests with its precious trompe-l'œil; stunning marble floors; sparkling Murano glass chandeliers; and exquisite finishes of gilded wood, aqua velvet and golden damask.

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All rooms feature Wi-Fi, audio/visual equipment and offer spacious, flexible accommodation.
The Grand Hotel Continental boasts four of the most impressive halls in Siena: the Salone delle Feste, Sala Olimpia, Sala Gori and the Library.