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Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, leading Japanese hospitality company Fujita Kanko’s five-star flagship property, completed the third phase of its comprehensive renovation and plans to have finished renovating 241 of all 267 guest rooms and suites by 2017. To provide a glimpse of the total make-over, the hotel unveiled its renovated Japanese suite.


“It’s extremely rare for urban luxury hotels to have authentic Japanese-style rooms,” says Tetsu Motomura, the hotel’s General Manager. “Our Japanese suite is the pinnacle in traditional Japanese luxury. More than just a masterpiece of architectural beauty, it’s an ideal space to experience the breadth and depth of Japanese culture and history.”

The suite consists of two Japanese-style rooms with tatami mats that can accommodate up to six guests. It now features elements of traditional tea houses, which are known for their minimalism. The hotel plans to eventually offer Japanese tea ceremonies performed exclusively in the suite. The décor emphasizes exquisite Japanese craftsmanship using precious materials such as camellia trees. Scrolls displayed in the alcove include calligraphies by a historical figure. Its Japanese-style bathroom also uses the finest materials such as mikage stone with aromatic Japanese cypress accessories. Beneath the traditional look, however, the suite is fully equipped with modern amenities, including a portable waterproof television guests can use while taking a bath. It has two stylish mini bar areas offering the traditional: sake with elegant Japanese ceramics, and the modern: coffee machine, glasses and other drinks.


Until December 29th, the hotel is offering a special Japanese suite package, including an unforgettable multi-course dinner, spa access, and car service, for 140,000 yen (plus hotel tax) based on two guests. The hotel also unveiled its new Pagoda Lounge, exclusively available for guests staying in suites. The luxurious lounge offers unparalleled views of the renowned garden, a state-of-the-art audio system and a first-in-Japan water bar with over 20 types of water from around the country.


About Fujita Kanko

Fujita Kanko Inc., established in 1955, is a publicly-traded tourism industry corporation headquartered in Tokyo. In addition to its core hospitality business, the company operates wedding and banquet facilities, high-end resorts, leisure facilities and related services. It has 70 properties/facilities, including its five-star flagship, Hotel Chinzanso Tokyo, and 31 mid-priced hotels throughout Japan in the Hotel Gracery and Washington Hotels groups.

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