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Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas launches a groundbreaking Grow a New Body program, which lays the foundation for a healthy body that ages slowly and joyfully. The aim is to help guests discover how their health span can equal their life span. Benefits include detoxifying the body, turning on the genes for health, protecting and upgrading the brain, resetting fight-or-flight and turning on the production of the bliss-creating molecules, while shedding the years of old programming.


Grow a New Body pushes the boundaries into less visible fields such as sacred energy and reconnection. It brings together cutting-edge neuroscience and biology with ancient wisdom of shamans who recognized many millennia ago that the body is one system, not a collection of parts that can be medicated and replaced when they go wrong. Shamans are masters of prevention and believe that it takes the power of Spirit to renew the body. This is One Spirit Medicine that states that the best way to heal and maintain health is to grow a new body on a regular basis.

The series of retreats is launched in collaboration with Dr. Alberto Villoldo, a best-selling author and medical anthropologist with a Ph.D. in psychology, a teacher and healer, who studied the shamanic healing practices of the Amazon and the Andes for more than 25 years. They will be available at Six Senses Kaplankaya in Turkey, Six Senses Douro Valley in Portugal and Six Senses Krabey Island in Cambodia on special dates from June to November 2019.

Detoxifying the body and switching on the genes for health 

The human body risks becoming a toxic wasteland as environmental poisons and manufacturing waste continue to find their way onto dinner plates and into drinking water. Add genetically modified foods, antibiotics, refined grain- and sugar-heavy meals to the mix, and the trillions of gut-friendly bacteria fail to thrive or produce essential neurotransmitters.

With 90 percent of human DNA belonging to microbes, it is important to start by repairing the body’s microflora to restore this symbiotic relationship, which supports digestion, synthetizes vitamins and boosts the immune system.

Intermittent fasting (abstaining from food for short periods of time) is used as a way to turn on the fat-burning systems and repair mechanisms, while bringing about detoxification at a cellular level. It triggers the production of stems cells in the brain and in every organ of the body, while awaking the higher neural networks that allow guests to have an experience of Spirit and connection.

During the retreat, the daily menu includes nutritious smoothies, fresh, nutrient-dense fibrous vegetables with low protein meals, few carbs, plenty of nuts and seeds and healthy fats, giving the body the opportunity to switch on the longevity genes and turn-on the production of stem cells. Together with cutting-edge formulated probiotics and neuro-nutrients, guests get on the fast track to repairing the gut and maintaining brain-friendly eating without feeling hungry.

Six Senses Kaplankaya, Turkey

Resetting the natural clock 

At around the age 35, vital repair and regeneration systems in the body begin to decline. Production of the growth hormone that builds muscles and keeps the skin youthful and nearly grinds to a halt. Wrinkles start to appear, and healing takes longer than usual, while the body becomes deficient in many longevity-ensuring nutrients.

Daily hikes and immersion in nature, yoga, oxygen altitude-training sessions, LED therapy and IV drips, combined with detoxification, fasting and a diet high in phytonutrients, switch on the antioxidant systems inside the cell that repair mitochondria (the ‘power plants’ in the cell) and support the repair and regeneration of brain cells.

Within a few days, the brain fog will clear, sleeping becomes sounder, skin tone improves, and energy levels increase.

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal

Transforming toxic emotions and resetting fight-or-flight mode

Many of today’s health problems are caused by unhealed emotions, limiting beliefs, constant overstimulation and an overactive fight-or-flight system. However, it is possible to change these crippling internal narratives by repairing the HPA axis, which controls the response to danger and is involved in regulating digestion, mood, sexuality, energy and the immune system.

Daily practices are geared towards breaking the adrenalin addiction, boosting the production of bliss molecules, encouraging creative dreaming, discovering how to release the old, fear-based beliefs and approach life with faith and conviction even when facing uncertainty.

Healing the luminous energy body 

Surrounding the physical body is the luminous energy field that organizes the physical body in the same way that a magnet organizes iron-filings on a piece of glass and informs the cells and organs how to live in healthy harmony. It can be thought of as the software programs essential for repair and regeneration. This biomagnetic field that doesn’t end where the skin ends, it extends to the farthest reaches of universe.

During the retreat, guests are invited to explore shamanic energy medicine practices that let go of the emotional dramas that run in the family and discover original and creative life stories. As they release the imprints for physical disease and erase the dramatic stories stored in the luminous energy field, the body and emotions can start to repair.

Six Senses Krabey Island, Cambodia

Dates and prices

Grow a New Body will run for seven nights and includes:

  • Seven nights’ accommodation
  • Full board including all neuro-nutrients and supplements
  • Wellness Screening
  • Four shaman/energy medicine sessions
  • Four oxygen altitude-training sessions
  • Four LED sessions for mitochondrial stimulation and repair
  • Four vitamin/mineral IV infusions
  • Three Glutathione infusions
  • Seven sessions of body work e.g. massage, scrubs and wraps, specialist treatments
  • Six pre-recorded lectures with the master shaman, Dr. Alberto Villoldo
  • Entry and exit energy-medicine evaluation with a world-class medical doctor
  • Daily lecture and prevention education with the team doctor
  • Daily group morning yoga, hike or walk and evening meditation

Six Senses Kaplankaya, Turkey
June 24 to July 1, 2019
Seven nights from USD 9,710 (EUR 8,710) per person in a Seaview Superior Room
From USD 17,458 (EUR 15,660) per couple sharing a Seaview Superior Room

October 14 to 21, 2019
Seven nights from USD 9,320 (EUR 8,360) per person in a Seaview Superior Room
From USD 17,068 (EUR 15,310) per couple sharing a Seaview Superior Room

Prices include all taxes.

Six Senses Douro Valley, Portugal 
July 15 to 22, 2019 
Seven nights from USD 13,075 (EUR 11,700) in a Deluxe Room
From USD 21,075 (EUR 18,850) per couple sharing a Deluxe Room

November 3 to 10, 2019
Seven nights from USD 10,730 (EUR 9,600) in a Deluxe Room
From USD 18,730 (EUR 16,750) per couple sharing a Deluxe Room

Prices include all taxes.

Six Senses Krabey Island, Cambodia
August 24 to 31, 2019
September 2 to 9, 2019

Seven nights from USD 11,210 per person in a Hideaway Pool Villa Suite
From USD 18,710 per couple sharing a Hideaway Pool Villa Suite

Prices include all taxes and return boat transfers; and exclude IV infusions.

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