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A brand-new food concept has been launched at the Corinthia Hotel Budapest’s Brasserie and Atrium restaurant. The new concept from the kitchen of Corinthia is farm to table food, serving up the best of the land in Hungary. It is simple food made from outstanding ingredients, farmed within our borders and favoring small producers.



Farm to Table means that visitors are being served with a food that is prepared by selecting and using components originated exclusively from inland economies of the highest standards. The results are flawless, seasonal ingredients, tastes beyond comparison and perfect gastronomic experiences.



Guests of Brasserie&Atrium can enjoy the real flavors of Hungary. The visitors in February may discover the delicious tastes of award-winning trout and salmon from Bajcshal, and the organic mangalica meat produced by Bari András located in Szendr’, near the Aggtelek National Park. Each month during the year we offer meals built around produce that Hungary’s rich and multifarious lands yield and the farmers bring from their farms to our table.

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The hotel’s chef, Balázs Ölvedy, is obsessed with quality and his hallmarks are the best ingredients, seasonality and sustainability. Farm to Table food was a natural progression for him.


Balázs was born in Transylvania, Romania, where they procured and produced almost everything by themselves. He and his team remodeled the previous, Hungarian and international fine-dining menu of Atrium&Brasserie, so that each course is adjusted to the ingredient, not the other way round. It has taken thousands of miles to get to every corner of the country and find those free-range farms and small-producing suppliers that matched our new concept.

Today the menu offers unsurpassed gastronomic experience via the truly authentic flavors of our country. The formula is easy: fresh, seasonal, locally available ingredients, simple preparation, passion and expertise.

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