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An extraordinary culinary journey is awaiting you at ÉPURE – a new and unique French fine dining restaurant that engineer the French classics with simplicity and reinterpreted flavors and textures unlocking the full potential of fine dining.


The minute you sit down, you are transported to a forgotten time of French aristocracy. The mural allows you to explore the magic of the French countryside whilst the lighting creates a warm and intimate atmosphere


Sculpted yet modern, the custom-made furniture collection for ÉPURE draws inspiration from French aristocracy. Soft, round edges on banquettes are mimicked in the silhouettes of the dining chairs

In France, the word “Épurer” means to streamline and make pure, which is truly reflected in ÉPURE’s spirit of extracting simplicity and presenting it in clear geometric lines with demarcation of ingredients. The restaurant will offer diners light, seasonal and healthy dishes, with ingredients flown in directly from France three times a week. ÉPURE takes diners through a quintessentially French journey of natural beauty and freshness with its meticulous décor and presentation of best dishes.


Amuse bouche- crunchy escargot bite with polenta (bottom left), crab and scallop mousse tartlet with lobster roe and caviar (top left), and black olive muffin with spicy tomato purée and cheese tuile

Asperges Vertes du Vaucluse

Asperges Vertes du Vaucluse

Cabillaud Rôti

Cabillaud Rôti- Pacific cod served with sautéed blue foot mushrooms, spring onions tarbais beans and foam

Behind every successful brand, the masterminds in the kitchen are crucial for a memorable experience. Two internationally acclaimed chefs with the perfect balance of heritage French culinary background and innovative gastronomy were appointed to delight the taste buds of gourmets. Executive Chef Nicolas Boutin, with his classic French cuisine training and wealth of international experience at five-star establishments, will be bringing a refreshing and highly anticipated menu to the gastronomy house.


North African pineapple carpaccio as base, with a scoop of Taha’a vanilla and white cheese sorbet was a pleasant dessert.

Matthieu Godard, Head Pastry Chef, brings his passion and two decades of patisserie-making experience to the table. His strive for excellence and quality makes him the perfect creator of the desserts provided by ÉPURE.


In the main dining room, six demi-lune banquettes line the impressive 70-foot long hand-painted mural created by the famous Art Studio Moss & Lam from Canada

To create the most extraordinary experience for diners, interior architecture is inseparable from culinary resplendence. Award-winning international design firm Yabu Pushelberg, fascinated by the Chefs’ inventive reinterpretation of the standards, took on the challenge to invent the interior and create the romantic atmosphere of the restaurant. The designers took a “de-luxing” approach to the overall space — simplifying, paring down, embellishing — to create a quiet and enduring luxury.


Upon arriving at ÉPURE guests are greeted by a pair of custom-made French doors decorated with an antique gold-leaf pattern devised from a hand-drawn map of Paris

French doors leading to ÉPURE are detailed with gold-leaf patterns. Visitors are instantly engulfed in a darker and more intimate setting. Each surface is meticulously designed, from the fumed-oak rose-patterned ceiling, custom furnishings, plum glass and mahogany satin glass wine cellar, to metal mesh mirrored walls and hand- painted murals. The curved banquettes flanking the wine cellar feature murals of mysterious, whimsical forest scenes.


Suspended above the unique gold metal mesh, mirrored dining table, are a pair of handcrafted, nest-like light installations, which echo the theme of the whimsical French woodland in the main dining room

ÉPURE also offer a special dining room for private gatherings. Walls are wrapped in back-lit laser-cut metal panels designed to mimic traditional molding. Above the custom furnishing is a pair of sculptural hand-formed woven wire nest-like pendents.

As cheese is a crucial part of French culinary culture and has been produced for centuries in France, the Cheese Cellar, with an impressive variety of cheese made in strictly designated geographical area, is featured in the establishment.


Wine is essential for a French dining experience to be compelling. The wine cellar boasts a range of around 430 labels with a stock of 1,000 bottles of wine featuring predominantly French labels

The Wine Cellar, which boasts its range of around 430 labels with a storage of 1,000 bottles of wine featuring mostly French wines, also stocks a rare collection of the well-known Domaine Burgundy and Chateaux with vertical vintages, and a connoisseur collection from Champagne, Italy and Napa.

La Terrasse, a modern interpretation of the classic French garden, which will open in the 4th quarter of 2014, features sophisticated geometric greenery, artistic sculptural installations and fountains. Guests can enjoy alfresco dining with the spectacular views of Hong Kong harbor.

For reservations go to www.epure.hk 

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