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To celebrate Epiphany, Julien Alvarez, the Pastry Chef of The Peninsula Paris, reveals a cake which associates all the flavours of this traditional dessert.

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With a garnish of almond cream and hazelnut interspersed between a lemond confit bed The Epiphany Cake at The Peninsula Paris is a dessert not to be missed

For this first Epiphany cake of The Peninsula Paris, Julien Alvarez plays on the senses of the Epiphany and renews the tradition by creating a cake which brings all the sensations that we can appreciate whilst tasting the puff pastry and brioche like crown.


Chef Patissier Julien Alvarez

In the form of a crown covered by a puff pastry, this subtly reinvented Epiphany cake contains a heart in a puff pastry and brioche to obtain a balance between crunchy and soft. With a garnish of almond cream and hazelnut interspersed between a lemond confit bed, Julien Alvarez manages to associate the fondant and the powerful scent of almond and hazelnut with freshness and acidity of a confit lemon, creating a perfect balance of flavours.


At The Peninsula Paris you feel like walking in a Royal Palace

The Epiphany Cake served up to 8 persons and the price is 39€ per Epiphany cake takeaway and 9€ per slice in The Peninsula Paris restaurants.


We love the chic Lobby Restaurant

The Epiphany cake can be ordered from December 15 to the 01 58 12 67 54 (to be collected from January 2 at the restaurant The Lobby – limited edition). The cake will also be available in The Lobby restaurant from January 4 to 18, for lunch and dinner time, and during the Afternoon Tea.

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