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A very special trip by Abercrombie & Kent’s takes guests south from Miami on a 23-day odyssey around a continent to discover the vibrant cultures of Buenos Aires and Rio de Janeiro, the mysteries of Machu Picchu and Easter Island, the stunning natural wonders of Torres del Paine, Iguazu Falls and the Pantanal – and is the first Private Jet journey to include a people-to-people program in Cuba. The trip takes place between September 6-28, 2016.


Discover South America aboard a Private Jet. The trip takes you also to Easter Island to see the moai.

This thoughtfully planned journey, designed by A&K founder,  Geoffrey Kent, enables travellers to visit six countries – not simply arriving at each destination to see the sights, but to learn from people with intimate, lifelong knowledge of the area and leave with a new understanding of how life is lived in another part of the world.

Travel by private jet makes it possible to experience far more than on a conventional itinerary, with the added benefit of absolute comfort and convenience. Guests on A&K’s privately chartered jet bypass customs and security lines, can land where many major carriers do not, and the limited group size –– no more than 50 guests – makes it possible to include invitation-only events, including a private Buena Vista Social Club-style concert and discussion with the band members in Havana, dinner at the well-preserved Convent of San Francisco in Peru, and a street fair in Colombia arranged exclusively for A&K guests.


Hotel Santa Clara from Cuba

Immerse yourself in the vibrant music, art, history and culture of Cuba during up-close encounters with locals on a people-to-people exchange, accompanied by Geoffrey Kent. Experience local life in Cartagena and enjoy a lively dinner in the historic city center, then fly by private jet to Bogotá to see the incomparable collections at the Gold and Botero Museums.

Peru; Machu Picchu

You will travel to Machu Picchu in a private car on board the luxurious Hiram Bingham train, arriving after the morning crowds have departed.

Travel to Machu Picchu in a private car on board the luxurious Hiram Bingham train, arriving after the morning crowds have departed. Marvel at the mysterious moai on Easter Island and celebrate at a traditional feast with local dignitaries.

Chile; Torres del Paine; Vicuñas

Explore the remote wilderness of Torres del Paine in Chile’s Patagonia.

Explore the remote wilderness of Torres del Paine in Chile’s Patagonia and visit a working estancia to see gauchos at work. Learn the tango in Buenos Aires and go behind the scenes at the historic Colón Opera House for a private performance.

South America; Brazil; Iguazu Falls

The trip takes you also to Iguazu Falls in Brazil.

View the awe-inspiring Iguazu Falls, one of the most impressive sights on the continent, with 275 cascades spread across a gulf of nearly two miles. Discover the Pantanal, home to a range of exotic wildlife, including one of the largest jaguar populations on earth. Visit a traditional samba school in Rio de Janeiro for a glimpse behind-the-scenes of the country’s most significant cultural event, then experience it firsthand at an exclusive Carnival-themed farewell celebration.

Unrivalled Comfort in the Air

Private jet travel with Abercrombie & Kent delivers an entirely new level of comfort and convenience. A&K’s privately chartered Boeing 757 features 50 hand-made, first class leather seats that recline a full 180 degrees into a bed more than six and a half feet long, with relaxing massage and adjustable lumbar support available at the touch of a button.

Abercrombie & Kent Private Jet

The Abercrombie & Kent Private Jet delivers an entirely new level of comfort and convenience.

Private Jet

The Jet features 50 hand-made, first class leather seats.

Footrests double as seating for impromptu chats with fellow travellers, while adjustable reading lights, power ports and privacy screens allow for complete relaxation.

Unparalleled Experience on the Ground

Leading every Private Jet Journey is a Tour Director chosen from the ranks of A&K’s international coterie of professionals, who orchestrates everything from start to finish, relying on a lifetime’s worth of experience.

Peru; Cusco; Plaza de Armas; La Compania de Jesus

Meals are more than just a chance to dine at the end of the day — they are a feast for the senses, with local entertainment and stunning natural backdrops. Dine in a restored 19th-century mansion filled with artefacts dating back more than 500 years; taste fresh mate with a gaucho on a Chilean estancia; enjoy a traditional Brazilian churrasco-style picnic along a lush riverbank, and savor the spirit of Carnival in Rio at a festive feast complete with costumes, music and dancing.

The 23 days trip starts from $99,500.

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