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Dining Corner at Kayumanis Ubud is a stylish restaurant elevated high over a river valley that blends seamlessly into the encompassing woodland. Open for all day dining, it serves an exquisite menu of classic Thai cuisine and contemporary Western fare using the freshest possible ingredients.

The food and ambience of this uplifting venue truly pays homage to all of the senses. At Dining Corner (the restaurat of Kayumanis Ubud Resort), every dish is a flavoursome journey that brings culinary perfection to the rural outskirts of Ubud. With a seating capacity for up to 32 guests, the Dining Corner is suitable for intimate meals as well as small social gatherings.

The man responsible for the delicious cuisine served at Kayumanis Ubud is Chef Made Armawa. Always ready with a warm smile and a cheeky joke, this culinary professional grew up watching his mother cook Balinese food in his hometown of Negara. Starting his career as a teenager, Chef Made worked his way up through the kitchen hierarchy to land a position of prestige with a five stars Resort in Bali. He has been with Kayumanis Group for several years now and is keen to put Balinese food on the world’s culinary map.

Chef Made is passionate about the whole process that goes into creating new dishes. He is meticulous about using seasonal products, maintaining consistency and providing ongoing training for his team. Chef Made makes a point to regularly come out of the kitchen to interact with guests and ask for feedback. One of the biggest challenges that he faces these days is cooking for guests with food allergies and special dietary requests. Most Indonesian ingredients contain gluten, so he has come up with a tasty home-made noodle that goes into his own version of mie goreng.

Balinese Cooking Class

Take home more than just souvenirs from your time on the island of Bali. At Kayumanis Ubud Private Villa & Spa you can attend an interactive cooking class that unveils the secrets of local cuisine. The lesson also includes a tour of our onsite herb garden to identify and pick an array of organically grown ingredients.

Under the expert guidance of the chef, you will learn how to make a selection of authentic Balinese or Indonesian dishes culminating in a flavoursome lunch to share. This insightful class is conducted at Delight Corner against a tropical backdrop of river valley greenery and its soothing soundtrack of nature. To arrange a class before your upcoming visit, please email experience@kayumanis.com

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