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As new levels of technology continue to consume daily life, it is becoming more difficult to detach from the digital world. Launching in January 2017 in honor of Digital Wellness Month, The Spa at Mandarin Oriental, Miami is offering locals and guests alike the opportunity to find ways to manage their relationship with technology by helping them disconnect.


The Spa will introduce new Digital Wellness Retreats which encourages guests to use their visit as a chance to disconnect and re-evaluate their relationship with electronics. Priced from USD 330, the first day-long retreat commences on Saturday, January 14 followed by Sunday, January 15, with ongoing dates set for one Sunday per month for the entire year.

The journey begins with detaching from all electronics. Guests will check into the Spa and are then invited to take a selfie of themselves with a Digital Wellness Fan, a prop used to post on social media prior to detoxing, to inform friends and family of their disconnection.


These immersion retreats – which can be scheduled at the guest’s desired time – will offer a full range of wellness programming including group yoga classes, singing bowl groups and private time to relax near the beach. While spending time at the hotel’s exclusive Oasis Beach, guests can indulge in mindfulness exercises which include journaling, coloring, meditation, intentions of the day or simply unwind and recollect thoughts that may have been lost due to a hectic schedule.

These exercises will focus on establishing personal boundaries on the use of electronics, clearing mental chatter and creating a healthy, digitally balanced lifestyle.


Those looking to immerse themselves in an even greater digital wellness journey can partake in the Digital Wellness Escape, an 80-minute experience concentrating on the head, eyes, neck, shoulders, hands and feet. This restorative treatment aims to ease stresses and strains resulting from the frequent use of digital devices. At the end of each treatment, therapists will provide guests with a tip booklet and explain the importance of a routine digital wellness retreat at home.

With food playing such a large role in overall wellness, a healthy lunch including detox juices and menu items will be available to participants. Retail items will also be on display and for sale including coloring books, coloring pencils, writing journals and pens, Shungite crystals, board games, yoga mats, oils, teas, meditation pillows and more.

As an incentive for those who participate in the retreat and want to continue their digital wellness journey, the Spa will offer special pricing on any recommended treatments throughout January when booking the retreat. These treatments include the Kundalini Journey priced at USD 320 and Inner Strength priced at USD 210.

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