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Are you looking for a very special destination – one that offers romantic wellbeing and relaxation? Choose Villa Stephanie and experience during a stay of 7 nights the inspiring blend of activities and relaxation, effectiveness and lifestyle…

Brenners Park Hotel in Baden-Baden, Germany has embarked a few years ago on a project to create Europe’s most refined spa concept for the 21st century. Covering an area of 5000 square metres, an entire house has been dedicated to the world of spa. Villa Stéphanie expands over five floors and has a 500 sq metre sauna, plunge pool, private gym, hammam, and Ladies Sauna. There are also 15 inspiringly designed treatment rooms with private terraces overlooking the gardens and a salon.

The twelve double rooms and three impressive corner suites including personalized set-ups are designed for guests who wish to remain in this unique and timeless atmosphere for an even more intense spa experience.

Villa Stéphanie has been designed in an elegant and contemporary style, by Bergit Countess Douglas, who is also responsible for the continuous refurbishment of Brenners for over the past 25 years. The overall concept is to create a homely atmosphere in elegant surroundings. The Salon will feature an impressive library, complete with inspirational artworks on the walls, and as an ‘encore’ a beautiful private terrace facing the Brenner’s park.

Originally erected in 1890, Villa Stéphanie was created as a residence for royalty. It bears witness to a woman whose name still stands over the house like a guiding star: Stéphanie de Beauharnais,Duchess of Baden and adoptive daughter of Napoleon I. The history of this building is just one aspect of the 2000 year heritage of the spa town of Baden-Baden.

The Detox offer includes:

Medical services

  • 1x Medical examination – Comprehensive medical anamnesis
  • 1x Blood analysis in order to check your metabolism and important vital substances

Coaching & personal training 

  • Entrance consultation with your detox specialist including one body analysis
  • Elaboration of your personalised menu plan
  • 2x Personal Training (60 minutes)
  • Final body analysis and a review of the results


  • 2x Lymphatic drainage – Stimulating your lymphatic system for decongestion (60 minutes)
  • 3x Thermo-Algae Mud Wrap – The warmth will make your body sweat and accelerate your detox process (60 minutes)
  • 1x Foot reflexology massage – Increases circulation and boosts your immune system (60 minutes)
  • 1x Clay Body-Treatment – Let your skin feel fresh and smooth (30 minutes)
  • 1x Detoxifying Body & Face Treatment – Activates your blood circulation, warm compresses and the Chlorella-algae wrap enhance the detoxifying effect for a refreshing well-being (90 minutes)


  • Daily detoxifying tea, water and one freshly squeezed green smoothie in your room
  • Daily full board prepared in the Vitalizing Kitchen in accordance with your menu plan (Possible options: vegetarian, lactose or gluten free or low carb)
  • Your personal Detox host will be at your disposal during the whole stay
  • Receive one personalised menu plan including recipes and a detox information brochure to take home


  • Group fitness activities: Aqua Fitness, Yoga, Nature Experience, Core-Workout and Fascia Training (up to two each day)
  • Brenners Spa with Fitness Center, Large indoor pool in Roman style, 500 square meter sauna, Plunge pool, Ladies sauna

Terms and Conditions

Subject to availability, valid from 1st October 2017 until 30th April 2018

7 days Brenners Detox (excluding accommodation): 2,900 euros per person

Choose 7 nights in your preferred category in our Villa Stéphanie 

Only valid in combination with the Detox Programme
Villa Stéphanie Classic double room (view on the patio, approx. 38m²) – from 3,010 euros
Villa Stéphanie Superior double room (view on the park, approx. 42m²) – from 3,570 euros
Villa Stéphanie Deluxe double room (view on the park, approx. 50m²) – from 3,850 euros
Villa Stéphanie Deluxe Suite (view on the park, approx. 110m²) – from 14,000 euros

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