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Travel for Senses presents the World Premiere of the Travel Documentary “Detox, My Experience”, directed and produced by the Romanian TV personality, Andreea Marin. A detox vacation is the perfect way to shake your body of the harbouring stress, for the ultimate purpose of achieving mind and body cleanse. Here is how you do it!


Romanian TV personality Andreea Marin has directed and produced this impressive documentary, which shows exactly how a detox getaway takes place.

Admit it. By now, you’ve probably broken your New Year’s Resolution to eat healthier. (I know I have.  The indian food was too good to help myself during my lastest trip to Jaipur and  so are the Macarons from La Duree Boutique in Paris). To get back on track, the best thing to do is to book a detox vacation. I know I will, especially after seeing this amazing documentary.

Travel for Senses is proud to be the platform for the world wide premiere of “Detox, My Experience”, an exquisite piece of documentary, produced and directed by the much appreciated Romanian tv personality, Andreea Marin.


The documentary was filmed in a few resorts from the Turkish Riviera, near Bodrum.

Filmed on the Turkish Riviera, in resorts specialized on bespoke detox programmes, the film takes the viewer to a Paradise on Earth, where you can recover from the chaos of everyday life (and over-indulgence) with specially tailored health and wellness programs that will restart and reshape your body.

Practiced for centuries by cultures around the world — including Ayurvedic and Chinese medicine systems — detoxification is about resting, cleaning and nourishing the body from the inside out. By removing and eliminating toxins, then feeding your body with healthy nutrients, detoxifying can help protect you from diseases and renew your ability to maintain optimum health.


In some resorts there are special programs that include sleep enhancing treatments such as reflexology, oriental head massage and reiki.

The film shows you how a detox programme takes place from the moment you arrive at your designated retreat. The package of 4 or 7 night getaway starts with an initial energy consultation that leads to a unique combination of massages, gymnastics, yoga, pilates, energy treatments and phytotherapy, a process using herbal extracts to stimulate the immune system in the body.

You can catch up on some sleep and “reach nirvana” (so they say) in some resorts. There are special programs that include sleep enhancing treatments such as reflexology, oriental head massage and reiki, a healing process transmitted through the palms of the hands, followed by signature baths, yoga classes and 6 Hypnos meals. The Hypnos diet menu features fresh fish, tofu, nuts and seeds that stimulate the effects of each day’s treatment and activates the correct sleeping patterns.

One of the best programmes is the Master Detox, which means that for one week the guest will replace solid food with special juices with the purpose of cleansing their bodies. Medical doctors and therapists share their vision regarding detox programs in this documentary, so you can understand that this is by no means an easy process.

“When you come for the first time to a centre like, the first experience will be on your body, so you can see the changes that are taking place. At the same time you will be trained and get specialized courses, so you know what to do at home in the future. You will learn how to drink water, how to use lemons and vegetables. You will know how to balance your diet.  A detox resort is like a school”, explains one of the doctors.


“These bespoke detox programs not only changed the shape of my body, but also transformed me into a better and healthier person”, sais Andreea Marin.

You will also learn that detox food will help you stay away from cancer. “This is a sickness that occurs when you distance yourself from nature. In nature there is no eating after sunset. Unfortunately, this is very difficult in the social life. The least you can do is eat light food or vegetables in the evenings, as the human body is not designed to digest food after sunset”, continues the doctor.

On the other hand, Andreea Marin explains for Travel for Senses the way her life has changed after this experience.

“It’s an experience that you have to live in order to believe in it. These bespoke detox programs not only changed the shape of my body, but also transformed me into a better and healthier person. Knowledge is power. Power to live better and healthier, longer and much happier. It’s truly a life changing experience, one that you will feel with all your senses”, said the tv star.

If you want to find out more details about these detox programs read the website www.detoxbyandreea.ro

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