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There are a plethora of extraordinary dining experiences all around the globe to help experience different cultures. Some are truly beautiful, some are plain weird. In these circumstances, they’re better shown than explained.


We’ve narrowed down some absurdly unique restaurants around the world and we highly encourage you to add them to your bucket list…

Giraffe Manor, Kenya

Within 140 acres of indigenous forest, you’ll find 12 acres of private land belonging to the Giraffe Manor in Kenya, Africa. Native giraffes will walk directly past you as you enjoy your morning coffee or evening dinner.


Morning and evenings are the most popular times for the giraffes to come looking for a snack, before venturing back into their holy forest. Only guests staying at the manor are able to enjoy meals with the giraffes and it is an all-­inclusive affair. All meals and most drinks along with chauffeured vehicles for safaris during the day are included in your stay.

Aescher Mountain Restaurant, Switzerland

Tucked literally into the Swiss Alps lies the 170 year old Aescher Mountain Restaurant. It’s also a lodge if you can’t get enough of the jagged cliff views and want to extend your stay. Clinging to the side of the mountain, the resort offers absolutely breathtaking views of both lakes and mountain ranges which appear to go on forever.

Aescher, Wildkirchli, Altmann, Alpstein

A cable car jets you up the mountain in 15 minutes but if you’re an avid hiker you can make the trek up in about three hours. Either way, the pristine air of the Swiss Alps will fill your lungs leaving you needing more of the nearly untouched landscape. The restaurant’s menu itself is pretty meat-heavy and super locally sourced.

Modern Toilet Restaurant, Taiwan

If by chance you have ever wondered what it was like to dine on a toilet, Modern Toilet, located all over Asia gives you that bizarre opportunity. Guests will sit on toilet shaped seats with a long slate of glass covering a bathtub as your table. Drinks are shaped in glasses mimicking urinals (which you get to keep) and napkins are torn from the toilet paper dispenser on the wall.


Local curries are served in miniature plastic toilet bowls and chocolate swirl ice cream for dessert are presented looking like, well, you know.

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant, Maldives

Ithaa Undersea Restaurant at Conrad Rangali Island, Maldives is the world’s first and only under the sea dining experience. The contemporary European cuisine is located 16 feet below sea level, covered nearly entirely in glass (except the ground), which makes for an unforgettable experience.


The 180­ degree views stunningly shows off the Indian Ocean’s beautiful coral reef and tropical fish as you indulge in a six course set dinner menu. A four course lighter menu is also offered along with afternoon cocktails and can even be booked for weddings or private events. Eat delicious seafood as you also watch it swim by. Now that’s eating as close to the source as possible.

Robot Restaurant, Japan

Rumor has it that Robot Restaurant in Tokyo spent 10 billion Japanese yen making this futuristic restaurant a reality. This overly stimulating, possibly migraine-inducing, restaurant cannot be skipped if you find yourself in Japan. Covered in sparkles, neon lights and every color of the rainbow each turn you take, you’ll be unable to forget the night.


Four 90 minute shows are offered each night where giant robots and dancers perform around your table in acts you can’t even believe until you’ve seen it. Give this thrilling experience a chance, and by the end of the night you may be waving your glowstick alongside multiple visitors in your new sensory overload existence.

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