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“Because I have children” is one of the top excuses why people don’t travel. Some parents view traveling with their children as an unnecessary hassle rather than a relaxing and amazing experience. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. Traveling with children can help increase your baby’s mental capacity and teach him or her about different experiences, people, and cultures at an early age.

It can also give you a chance to put down the diapers and simply enjoy each other’s company. If you’re looking for that luxurious travel without the hassle, check out some of these destinations that will work with you to create a wonderful and magical vacation for every member of the family.

A Sunny D in Kassandra, Greece

Kassandra, Greece is a beautiful and romantic spot for couples to simply get away and relax. Located in the eastern region of Greece, it’s separated from the mainland and provides a simple 15th-century town with endless natural beauty, amazing nightlife, colorful festivals, and marvelous sandy beaches. As a new parent, you can enjoy a stay at the luxurious Sani Resort where you can splash around the beach with your baby and then retire them to the resort’s Babewatch service.

This is where the hotel’s experienced staff will watch your children as you take a break to enjoy a bit of romance. The first thirty minutes are even free of charge. So, check out the resort’s five stunning properties, have a romantic dinner at one of the forty restaurants and bars, or simply relax by the pool.

A Tropical Capri-Sun on the Bahamas’ Paradise Island

There’s a saying that states everything is better in the Bahamas, and you’ll definitely feel like that on a trip to Paradise Island. Here, you can relax underneath the warm sun as you explore the island’s magnificent shopping, water sports, and mouth-watering delicacies. There’s simply nothing like a luxurious stay at the Atlantis Resort.

There are many activities for little ones and your children can have endless amounts of fun without you ever lifting a finger. New parents will absolutely love the Prompt Response Line at the resort where you can order anything you need for your baby. This includes CPR-certified babysitters who will comfort your baby for a couple of hours while you relax. You can also order customized meals for your child to account for any of their dietary needs. Everything you could ever dream of for a getaway can be found at Atlantis.

A Freezer pop in the Alpines of Salzburg, Austria

While some people enjoy the warm sun while relaxing on a vacation, other couples love the snow. Being in the snow provides a romantic element to any trip as you cuddle by the fire and drink hot chocolate.

At Hotel Moar Gut near Salzburg, Austria, you’ll find this element of love and so much more. Here you can enjoy the winter wonderland while also partaking in a luxurious spa break. The resort is also extremely children-friendly and offers petting zoos full of icy winter horses and an all-day children’s club for babies over the age of one month. Known as the Baby Happiness Package, your family can also book baby massages, swim lessons, and full-day nannies while you and your loved one spend some quality time in the snow.

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