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Internationally renowned artist David Gerstein headlines the first in a series of pop up, pop art exhibitions at Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen in cooperation with Bravo Arts Group.


Gerstein’s unique wall installations, or “multi-layered paintings” are available to view and purchase through January 7, 2017 from 9:30 am to 9:30 pm daily at the Hotel’s Art Gallery, located on the first floor.

Born 1944 in Jerusalem, Israel, Gerstein’s family moved to Tel Aviv when he was four years old. His schooling later included five years of art and painting in Paris, New York and London before settling back to Jerusalem to teach in Besalel Art School. From 1970 to 1980, Gerstein immersed himself in oil and watercolours. Finding a need to express his own personal language, he began to experiment painting in combination with sculpting on aluminium, which allowed him to create multi-layers of painting. And with aluminium’s light weight his wall installations took form.


The material’s resistance to oxidation and rust also allowed him to diversify to outdoor installations and many of these today are found in parks and important buildings all over the world. His artwork Momentum is known to be Singapore’s tallest outdoor installation at 18.5 metres (61 feet).


At an interview held at Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen, Gerstein said, “It’s not the time you do an artwork but the years you spend developing the personal expression and life experiences, so that by the time when you actually put in the first layer of paint – you have 40 years experience behind that artwork.” As to the sources of his inspiration, he said, “The two poles of urban life and nature and everything else in between are what inspires me. Capturing motion is also a challenge – bringing this illusion of movement into my work and giving life into the image of a still installation. And finally, the music of colours orchestrated into one a big beautiful symphony of the visual art is what I am passionate about!”



Indeed the vibrant colours of Gerstein’s work is proof of this artist’s passion for not only the arts but of life. And it is only fitting that Shenzhen, awarded by UNESCO in 2008 as the “City of Design,” welcomes one of today’s most innovative and contemporary artists.

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