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Opening its doors on 8 January 2018, Amanyangyun will stand tribute to one of the boldest conservation projects in China’s history. The result of a staggeringly ambitious 15-year initiative to relocate a forest and reconstruct a historic village of 50 Ming and Qing dynasty houses, Aman’s fourth destination in China is a soul-easing sanctuary with a focus on holistic wellbeing and restoration.

Reborn 27 km southwest of Shanghai, the relocated houses and trees now shape the soul of Amanyangyun, a 10-hectare retreat that presents a tranquil, nature-rich counterpart to the dynamic cosmopolitanism of its neighbouring city.


More than just a guardian of the past, Amanyangyun offers its guests the opportunity to experience advanced holistic wellness facilities, with nearly 3,000 square metres dedicated to its state-of-the-art Aman Spa and fitness centre. Open to resort guests and private members, Amanyangyun’s Spa is the first to launch since the brand’s global introduction of Aman Wellness in 2016. As a result, it offers the first full expression of this initiative, incorporating every aspect of wellness from nutrition, movement and beauty, to emotional and spiritual wellbeing through the carefully curated Aman lens. Setting the benchmark for Aman’s vision of wellness, the Spa at Amanyangyun pioneers the integration of cutting edge technology and innovative science with holistic healing modalities, both ancient and modern.

These include high-tech German Hair Bio-Profilers during wellness assessments, offering instant and comprehensive bio- profile reports via bio-resonance; Energetic Body Mapping with the InterX Neurostimulation device to uncover areas of imbalance, de-stress and jumpstart the body’s healing processes; and Accu Laser Light Therapy using low-intensity, non- invasive lasers to assist in energy infusions, treating jet lag, sleep issues and general fatigue with raw photonic energy; among other frontline wellness technologies.

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