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Aman Wellness, a new concept to be introduced across the collection in 2016, promises to reach further and deeper with the dual introduction of its Individual Wellness Immersions, together with a parallel series of date-led Group Retreat Experiences, headed by globally celebrated health specialists, and held at a range of Aman’s most outstanding spa destinations.

Amanbagh - Swimming Pool

Amanbagh, India

Drawing on the ancient healing modalities for which Aman spas have become renowned, both the Individual Wellness Immersions and the Group Retreat Experiences seek to take guests through an invigorating process of renewal, designed to ground, purify and deeply nourish. Whatever intentions guests set, whether their goal be a physical objective or the desire for a more spiritual internal shift, Aman Wellness delivers deep transformation, effective results and a meaningful sense of peace and happiness.

Amantaka - Swimming Pool

Amantaka, Laos

The first Individual Wellness Immersions will launch at Amanpuri and Amanbagh from 1 August 2016, complemented by an ongoing calendar of Group Retreat Experiences taking place throughout the year.


Amanbagh in Rajasthan and Amanpuri in Phuket, Aman’s flagship holistic hideaways, provide powerful environments for change with carefully calibrated programmes which balance every aspect of health and wellness. The new Individual Wellness Immersions are based on a personalised routine which includes daily spa treatments, a considered diet or cleanse, suggested exercise and expert advice. Sensitively curated, programmes range from three to 14-nights at Amanpuri and four to 21-night life turnarounds at Amanbagh. Bespoke to each individual, Amanpuri will offer four different immersions to choose from, depending on participants’ desired results; fitness, weight loss, cleanse and awareness. Amanbagh will offer the chance to explore Ayurveda in its homeland, with three different programmes based on India’s ancient healing system.


Amanpuri – Fitness, Weight Loss, Cleanse, and Awareness

In one of the most peaceful pockets of Phuket, the tropical realm of Amanpuri offers the ideal natural setting for an immersive retreat, offering a distinct path back to wellness. As well as initial assessments and regular consultations, every day of an Individual Wellness Immersion is personalised to include two to three movement and specialist therapy sessions, a 60/90-minute spa treatment and group movement classes. Meals reflect the nutritional needs of each guest and aim to stabilise blood sugar levels, reduce inflammation, balance gut flora and support the digestive system. Whether raw, liquid or cooked, allergies and intolerances are catered for and deep cleanses include a regular intake of herbal elixirs, fresh juices and alkalising broth. Detailed lifestyle recommendations ensure the journey continues once guests leave the resort.

Amanpuri - Swimming Pool_Day

Amanpuri, Thailand

Amanpuri’s Immersions are based on four different principles. They include the Fitness Immersion, designed by sports therapists and nutrition experts for those who want to improve their fitness levels, and incorporating a wide variety of movement workouts from Muay Thai boxing to beach boot camp classes, circuit training, Pilates and yoga.

Amanpuri - Pavilion 105

Amanpuri, Thailand

Meanwhile the Weight Loss Immersion aims to remove the emotional barriers faced in managing and shifting weight; it includes water-based movement sessions to assist in the reduction of stress and inflammation in the body. The Cleanse Immersion is ideal for those who want to reduce stress levels and promote self-healing through a pronounced return to internal homeostasis. Finally, the meditative Awareness Immersion is designed for those wishing to tap into their inner realm, heightening awareness and daily mindfulness. Meditation, yoga and silent reflection combine with grounding modalities such as craniosacral therapy, reconnective healing and Reiki to encourage inner stillness.

Amanbagh – Ayurveda

Escape to the whisper-quiet retreat that is Amanbagh, a secret garden oasis set amongst India’s rugged Aravalli Hills, to embrace the ancient wisdom and powerful long-term benefits of Ayurveda. Drawing on the ancient healing system of India, Amanbagh’s four to 21-night Ayurvedic Immersions offer a unique opportunity to experience what is believed to be the longest surviving complete system of knowledge in the world. Amanbagh’s in-house Ayurvedic physician oversees every detail. Named after the Sanskrit word for ‘life’, the four day Ayur Immersion programme serves as an introduction to the concepts of Ayurveda with a complete treatment schedule and a dosha-specific Ayurvedic nutritional plan. The more in-depth Purify Immersion helps prevent illness and eliminates toxins for an improved immunity. Meanwhile the purifying Rejuvenate Immersion harnesses every aspect of Ayurveda’s preventative power to improve memory, strengthen the Ayurvedic sense organs (skin/eyes/tongue/nose) and boost physical endurance.

Amanbagh - Swimming Pool

Amanbagh, India

Amanbagh - Spa Treatment Room

Amanbagh, India

Ayurveda is a spiritual cleansing discipline, providing a gateway to a personal journey of reawakening and the reconnection between the body and mind. Experiencing it in the authentic and sacred atmosphere of Amanbagh and its peaceful gardens only makes it all the more profound. Options for cultural experiences include a sunset ‘cow dust’ tour of the picturesque villages near Amanbagh, while yoga and meditation will be offered daily in the resort’s magnificent gardens.


Amongst the variety of the Group Retreat Experiences will be ‘Spiritual Immersion’, which will take place at Amankora in Bhutan between 13-21 September. Led by Dr Karma Phuntsho, a Buddhist scholar who will guide a journey both literally and spiritually between the five lodges of Amankora, the retreat will combine cultural adventures with yoga, meditation, spa treatments, and lectures amidst the dramatic landscape of Bhutan.

Amandayan - front entrance

Amandayan, China

Aman’s three resorts in Bali, Amandari, Amankila and Amanusa will host retreats in August, September and October respectively, all of which will concentrate on Alignment & Awareness, with a focus on mindful living. Further Group Retreat Experiences include a five day retreat between 1 and 9 October, combining yoga and bodywork to address issues such as low energy and sleep disorders at Amanemu, Aman’s onsen-only resort in Shima which launched in March 2016. Later in the year between 1 and 15 November in Hangzhou, China, Amanfayun will also host a five day retreat focussing on balancing body and mind, reducing stress and chronic pain and achieving overall increased wellbeing.

Amanzoe Aman Spa - Yoga Pavilion

Amanzoe, Greece

Aman Sveti Stefan Aman Spa - Indoor Pool

Aman Sveti Stefan, Montenegro

All Aman Wellness experiences have been designed to encourage a process of release, allowing participants to leave behind negative holding patterns and embrace a strong newness of spirit, whilst taking what they have learnt to give them fresh intentions and the knowledge to adopt a more meaningful and reflective way of living.

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