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From Bhutan to Bali, Aman Resorts’ portfolio of luxury hideaways stretches across the world. As the company celebrates its 30th birthday, however, it is exploring a new frontier: the world of beauty.

The inaugural Aman Skincare collection, launching on October 1, features 30 products, all made with natural ingredients. From the Nourishing Jade Mask Concentrate containing royal jelly, gold and vitamin B-12 to a Smoked Body Butter with amethyst and sandalwood, the products are designed not just to feel good, but also do good.

“These products were created to meet specific physical and emotional needs,” says Aman’s group director of spa, Yuki Kiyono. “We wanted to create products that penetrate deep into the skin to nourish and rejuvenate, but also work on a deeper emotional level.”

The range reflects Aman’s global footprint, with ingredients drawn from around the world, including sea buckthorn oil from Bhutan, vetiver from Bali, wild-harvested Amazon plant-oil butters and rainforest muds.

“We chose ingredients that are found naturally and grow organically in our resort’s destinations,” Kiyono says. Where possible, the company has worked with local communities such as the Berber women’s collective in Morocco that harvests the cold-pressed organic argan oil used in the Stem Cell Face & Eye Serum.

Products such as the Silk Cocoon Face Cream also draw on the latest scientific findings. “The silk cocoons are sourced from an organic farm near Venice and brought to the UK, where the amino-rich live sericin is extracted,” Kiyono says. “The properties of the active ingredients and amino acids were researched by leading Oxford professors, who discovered they have huge healing properties for the skin.”

The luxe factor extends beyond the ingredients. The packaging has been designed by Kengo Kuma, the architect behind the V&A Dundee design museum. His (recyclable) black marbled bottles and jars, inspired by traditional Japanese porcelain, have an appealing smoothness and weight.

Products are scented with aromas ranging from sandalwood to jasmine, but it’s the textures that are particularly seductive. The rich Silk Cocoon Face Cream glides on as smoothly as the name promises, while the Maca Cleansing Powder can be mixed with water and smoothed onto the skin to form a light mask. (Maca, a Peruvian plant found exclusively in the Andes, has been creating a buzz in the beauty world for apparent benefits including balancing hormones and boosting collagen production.)

The range is divided into Grounding, Purifying and Nurturing products, each of which is designed for a specific skin type. Initially available for purchase in Aman spas around the world, the products are ambitiously priced: the Miracle Mud Mask, made with black Peruvian mud and cactus oil, retails for US$130, while 50g of Silk Cocoon Face Cream is priced at US$280.

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